8 Fantastic Social Media Strategies to Boost Product Launches

Finding product launch ideas may be both nerve-wracking and thrilling. The entire point of making a product is to sell it. It is necessary to make the product visible to potential purchasers to sell it. Finding out how to do it is the most difficult aspect.

Marketers and public relations firms increasingly use social media to promote their products. Social media is an exceptional way to introduce new products because of its extensive use.

Here are eight strategies for launching a product on social media and where to find a social media agency in Manchester. 

1. Know Your Audience

You must have an active plan before you promote your product. Spend time researching and learning about your industry. Try to consider things from the user’s perspective, such as if the content you read might impact your purchasing decision.

To gain a basic notion, look into the techniques that have worked for others in your field. Above all, understand your target audience.

2. Distribute Teasers

Marketers confront a difficult problem regarding spreading the news about a new product or company. Launching a teaser campaign is a wonderful method to get users intrigued. It’s a great technique for grabbing attention and building excitement. To make this work, identify the platforms that would be beneficial to your product and participate in them.

3. Create A Blog

Build interest in your product by blogging about it and advertising it on social media. You can explain how the product was made and the advantages to prospective users.

You want your audience to regard you as an authority figure, which producing blogs and responding to questions greatly aids.

4. Make Custom Hashtags

Creating a memorable hashtag is beneficial both online and offline. It will also help your product stand out from the crowd online and encourage others to talk about it. Users can also utilise the hashtag to learn more about your goods.

When you conduct events related to the launch, it operates offline. Promoting a hashtag encourages participants to participate online, share their experiences, and expand the reach of your event.

5. Create Video Content

Because of the images, videos have a greater effect than written content. The building takes time and effort, but your efforts will be rewarded. Videos can be used as a mini-advertisement, behind-the-scenes footage, stop-motion animation, or product explanatory video.

Such films will pique viewers’ curiosity long after the product has been released. Regardless of its type, a video can pique your audience’s interest. If you’re interested in creating video content for your social media, seek a video company in Manchester.

6. Identify Influencers

Finding influencers in your audience’s expertise—whether digital marketing influencers or alternative health influencers—is the greatest method of influencer marketing.

Develop relationships with users who are well-known in your field. Because of their celebrity, their fans will enthusiastically accept whatever they post. Your reputation grows by association when they spread the word about your goods. Making contact with influencers will multiply your efforts.

7. Hold Competitions

The basic purpose of any product is to generate enthusiasm before it is released. Competitions are the greatest way to do this. Contests are often entertaining, and they aid in brand recall.

So, formulate a contest that is related to your products. For example, if your organisation sells workout equipment, the challenge can be “How many pushups can you do in a minute?” Fitness enthusiasts would be ecstatic to participate.

8. Get Straight To The Point

Before and after users make a purchase, the tone of your marketing must be engaging. Include sentences that are simple to understand and remember. Make sure your marketing is clear so that people understand what the new product is. You can provide short landing page links, brief product descriptions, and polite reminders in your social media copy.


These are only eight suggestions for pre-launch social media promotions. For further inspiration, explore using your creativity and imagination, research trends, and ask for help from a digital marketing agency in Manchester. 

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