3 Reasons Why Video Shoots Go Wrong (and How to Avoid It)

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Your team is excited to roll the camera and make it one epic, fantastic video shoot. You have all the basics—the video concept, the list of equipment, and the target location. However, when you think everything is going to be perfect, a sudden important thing missed will turn everything into a disaster!

When it comes to video shoots, numerous things should be considered. Brainstorming for ideas, finalising the concept, composing the script, organising the cast and team, and preparing all the equipment are quite a handful to take care of. For some people, it could be overwhelming or even result in making mistakes, causing the video shoots to go wrong and need fixing!

To help you out, we’ve listed the most common reasons why video shoots fail and how this can be prevented.

1) Lack of preparation

This is often one of the most usual reasons why a video shoot goes wrong! Failing to prepare for the shoot means you’re making the project ready to fail, too. 

Preparation is the key to a project’s success, no matter how big or small your video shoot project is. When you’ve accepted a project from a client, make the necessary preparations—and make some room for contingencies too. From production to logistic works, every detail should be organised properly!

Make sure that the cast members involved in the video are also prepared! Give them the scripts beforehand to make themselves ready. It’s time-consuming and time-wasting if they will only rehearse during the actual shoot. 

Remember to promote professionalism among all members of the cast and crew of the video project. Keep in mind that every member of the team has a significant role to play. When one fails to do the job, it may lead to a domino effect, and the whole project will suffer!

2) Poor or Lack of the Right Equipment

To create high-quality videos, you need to have the right tools and equipment. A video production company should invest in the right equipment for shooting, editing, and finalising the videos. It will be challenging for the team to capture and develop compelling video content if the equipment they are using is either outdated or not functioning properly!

Do not compromise a project just because you fail to provide the proper tools and equipment. Learn how to use innovative tools and video techniques to make your videos stand out from the rest. The correct setup, lighting, and background will be perfectly installed if your team has the right tools to work with.

3) Lack of Passion and Energy

Don’t let the video shoot become boring and lousy. The whole team may feel the same, and that may result in their poor performance during the shoot. 

Be prepared to be full of enthusiasm! Make sure to have the energy to give the needed zest for the day. It’s always great to start a day’s shoot with excitement.

As long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you can be more and more creative. Your clients will love the result indeed! A happy video shoot will make everyone motivated to perform their role. A harmonious working relationship with all the members of the team will boost their morale. Undoubtedly, that will reflect the quality of the videos produced.


A video shoot should not be a failed effort. It can be done successfully as long as you prepare well! Make sure to not miss the important steps in the process once you’re working with your clients. 

Remember, challenges are a normal part of any business’ journey to success. However, if it proves to be too difficult for you to handle, then partner up with a reliable video production company to help you out.

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