What Small Businesses Need to Know About Video Production

Video production is taking the world by storm through its brilliant approach to digital marketing. This is due to the widely positive reception of videos online and how they are able to secure audiences from different settings.

But what are the things that every small business needs to know about video production? 

This article takes a look into the best practices for video production in context to the small businesses looking to exploit this space. Online videos are effective because they are considered as disruptors in the digital world. Their dynamic nature to fuse entertainment and marketing is definitely a welcome choice among netizens. 

The common mistake, however, that most small businesses make is they are often detached from the video production process. In the UK, for example, any business can just approach any video production company in Manchester then call it a day. This often results in an inauthentic marketing campaign or generically produced videos that turns off most customers. 

The goal of this article is to ensure that you, as a small business, are doing what you can to be involved in launching successful online videos, which translates to highly competitive and marketable content that can put you on top of your specific niche. This guide looks into the brainstorming stage until it’s time to hand everything to a video production company. As such, here are a few reminders to serve as your guide:

1. Conceptualise this question: “why does the world need your product/service?”

Just as you first opened your business doors, you need to remind yourself why you are in business in the first place. You want online customers to feel that your product/service is essential to their lives, so revisit your mission/vision statement and take it to heart when you consider video production. 

2. Determine your target audience and use SEO

Aside from your own brainstorming and revisiting past motivations, it’s important to also look into the analytics on your website. This better accounts for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. This refers to your website’s ranking in the search engine results related to your business. Keep that in mind and consider your website’s key metrics like website traffic and demographics. 

3. Consider using different online video platforms and social media presence

After the conceptual stage, it’s time to initiate first-hand tasks to effectively launch online videos by accounting for an online video platform. Of course, you can always put your online videos on your website, but there is untapped potential on Youtube and Facebook that you might not want to overlook. 

4. Use effective call-to-action on your post

Using online video platforms is not effective unless your posts have a way for customers to directly do something. This action refers to acquiring a product or service from your small business directly or making a customer connection right away. Make it snappy and clear enough to really get them clicking! 

5. Make a comprehensive video release plan

Releasing online videos without thought or flow can amount to a lot of wasted time and quid. Be strategic by making a video released plan. This helps optimise your video for views, such as a promo recording on the weekends or a pre-holiday sale video released in the first weeks of December.

6. Think about involving customers

Directly empathising with a customer when they appear on the video helps future customers better place themselves through either buying your products or services. Ask their permission or even incentivise customers from before who left positive reviews or are willing to be your pseudo-brand ambassadors!

7. Get a world-class video production company

Now that you have conceptualised and prepared your online presence for videos, hire a professional service that has a great grasp for understanding video marketing and can further elevate or refine your vision. Provide them with all the necessary information they need to know to execute your plans effectively. 


As a small business, you have the capability to be a producer yourself in your own online videos. Take note of the aforementioned tips and tricks to elevate your branding online and reach more customers! 

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