Ways to Fix Your Personal Branding on Social Media in 2021

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One way to improve your brand’s visibility and assert your dominance in the digital market is by focusing on and improving your personal branding on social media platforms. Take a step back and look at your branding. Does it stand out? Is your branding impressive? Google your brand; do you like what you see?

If you’re not entirely happy with what you’ve gathered, it’s time to make some significant changes with your branding. Personal branding doesn’t only rely on your logo and brand colours, but it also includes the content, such as videos, that you put out for your target market to consume. This is why some collaborate with digital marketing agencies to improve their overall branding and reach target business goals. 

Perhaps you’re here because you want to find a way to improve your visibility in the online arena. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips on how to fix your personal branding on social media this year!

Have an effective, compelling and straightforward elevator pitch

One of the biggest mistakes you can do is when a potential client asks you what you do, and you stammer as you try to answer the question. Avoid this by coming up with a digital elevator pitch so you can make a fantastic first impression.

Spend a few minutes of your day to come up with a 3-line review of your background. Ensure that you inform them in three sentences of what you do, how you can help the company and consumers, how you can help a team and more. With proper articulation, you’ll be able to provide a compelling copy for yourself on LinkedIn and your Twitter profile. 

Update your social media information

You should know that LinkedIn profiles with updated information and profile pictures get 21 times more views than those without one. This is why it’s vital to update your profile picture twice a year.

Besides that, make sure that your LinkedIn or other social media headlines are compelling and still relevant to what you’re doing. When you have a compelling headline, you attract more people and potential clients and employers to check out your site. You can do this by using keywords, interesting phrases, and other marketing techniques to make a significant branding impression.

To help you with this, you can work with a digital marketing agency to help you spot areas where you need improvement to help enhance your social media pages’ effectiveness. 

Rewrite your “About” section and LinkedIn summary

Some clients don’t have the time to browse through your whole resume or even check out your posts in your timeline. Most of the time, they’ll only have time to read your “About” section and LinkedIn summary. Because of this, you must write an effective and impressive summary.

In this section, ensure that you let them know how your accomplishments can help their brand. Additionally, it helps if you present your expertise and how you can help the community, which can ultimately help their brand as well. 

Always use a grammar tool

You might not be getting any offers or proposals because the content you put out may have run-on sentences and lousy grammar. Content that contains poor grammar is unclear and makes you seem like a bad communicator. Ensure that you utilise grammar-checking programs and check all the content in your social media profiles, updates and articles. 


Your social media presence is everything, especially now that social media platforms are saturated with hundreds of people looking to collaborate with clients. To help you stand out from the crowd this year, you must work with a reputable digital marketing agency and come up with ways to improve your social personal branding. Remember these tips and start making changes; you’ll soon see an improvement in your social media status!

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