Best Ways to Optimize Your B2B Video Content on LinkedIn


For B2B content marketing, LinkedIn video is essential since it has become the more adaptable content format. LinkedIn’s new video sharing feature allows you to share video directly from your phone in your LinkedIn feed. You can, too, include links to your YouTube videos in the feed and have them automatically play. 

As the different types of video continue to evolve, so do the trends of the audience and the expectations of marketing teams. Today, we’re seeing more and more businesses try out new gimmicks to keep a relevant brand image and increase engagement.

Fortunately, there are countless opportunities to increase engagement by creating a video content strategy that is tailored to your audience and environment. Here are the best ways to optimize your B2B video content on LinkedIn: 

Consider New Approaches

With more options for capturing B2B video for LinkedIn, it’s important to think about the benefits to your target audiences. B2B video content should never be a monologue. As such, share insights from your recent conference, make quick video tutorials and keep track of your unscripted reactions to current events. Experiment with different types of video content and tailor your strategy to the ones that are most effective. 

Keep Your Content Timely

The ability to upload video directly from your phone increases the flexibility and creativity of your content strategy. Furthermore, rapidly producing video content contributes to the setting of the agenda for news and events. 

Include Subtitles

Only one-third of mobile video viewers always have the sound on. Meanwhile, approximately half of desktop viewers do not. Remember, subtitles add value to any video shared in the feed. 

Be Inventive and Entertaining

Humour and creativity in video content are important to audiences. Keep in mind that senior executives frequently use LinkedIn after hours. In that context, they are more receptive to things that intrigue or amuse them. Never be afraid to make fun content. 

Short and Sweet

The video length limit on LinkedIn is ten minutes. The ideal length is usually much shorter. Despite the fact that watching videos can provide engagement and entertainment, it is not the most time-efficient way to access information. Senior audiences, in particular, will not tolerate a video that lasts more than three minutes. Keep it short and sweet to ensure they remember you. 

Additionally, it’s not just a question of video length. According to marketing experts, you have only six seconds to persuade viewers to watch your video. By being direct, you can make the most of your content.

For Sponsored Content, Divide Into Chapters

Divide your video into shorter, more focused chapters that can be shared sequentially on LinkedIn. This is especially useful for Sponsored Content campaigns because it allows you to promote multiple videos at the same time and let LinkedIn’s algorithms select the most effective content. 

Make a Nice Blend of Textual and Visual Content

Don’t rely solely on video. With your updated text, you can introduce, tease, and frame your content. Furthermore, keep in mind that video is not always the best medium for conveying complex information. To achieve greater success, capitalize on its content strengths: engaging, compelling, and entertaining.


Video marketing is just one of many strategies you can use to promote your business, but the benefits of video can help to encourage more conversions, increase intention and build trust for your company. Because of this, it’s no surprise that B2B video content is also thriving on a platform such as LinkedIn–an avenue where what you say and create truly matters. Now, with these pointers in mind, make sure that you use video to tell a story and show people your brand’s personality.

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