3 Types of Videos You Need to Have to Build a Trustworthy Brand

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One of the cornerstones of any successful business is building and maintaining the trust of its audience. With so many scams, false advertising, and all sorts of other disappointments in the physical and digital world, trust is quite hard to come by, let alone develop. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean trust is impossible to forge. Any company can create that trust-based relationship they need to be successful, and one of the most effective ways of doing that is through videos.

Videos are a powerful brand-building tool, simply because it gives companies the chance to evoke precisely the kind of emotions and thoughts they want out of their audience. Trust is one of those emotions. In this article, we’re going to share exactly how you can use videos to develop trust in your brand:

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are types of videos that aim to explain something to the customer. What you are explaining will generally depend on what the customers want answers to. For example, customers generally ask questions revolving around whether they need the product, how the product works, or whether they can afford it. The job of an explainer video is to simply ensure that most, if not all, of the answers to these questions, are a resounding yes!

That said, you can also use explainer videos to simplify complex ideas into short, interesting videos. Such videos are sought after by many people because customers are always looking for information when making a purchase decision. If you are able to give them the answers they need, not only will they consider your offerings significantly, but you also build trust in the process.

2. Company Videos

Giving your customers an insight into your business allows them to see exactly what’s happening behind the curtains, understanding your company values, and how you are working to maintain those values. This is what company videos can do! Seeing this type of video can bring customers who also vibe with your values closer to your business, building their trust for your brand.

One significant benefit of offering company videos is the fact that you are humanizing the company. Many businesses today have the problem of feeling like nothing more than cash-grabbing robots. However, with company videos, you put a human face on your company. This type of humanization is something customers love, and knowing that there is a human being behind the operations helps them understand that the company recognizes their problems and works hard to solve them.

3. Customer Testimonials

One of the most powerful ways to ever build trust in your brand is through customer testimonials. This is because customers rely on other customers to learn of a company, and more often than not, they trust each other. After all, they’re in the same shoe. When a customer who shares the same problem as another says that your business has helped them solve the issue, the other customer will come to you!

This kind of word-of-mouth advertisement has been pivotal to many businesses’ success today. When someone says something good about you, it goes a long way in attracting the audience to you, and with customer testimonials, you can facilitate this for your brand.


Simply put, if you are looking to build a trustworthy brand that will continue to attract customers from everywhere and become loyal to you, start using videos! Videos such as customer testimonials, company videos, and more will go a long way in shedding a positive light on your brand, motivating the audience to learn more about you, and finding a reason to trust what you have to say. 

That being said, even these videos won’t work if you do not have them professionally made. You need to ensure that your videos look professional! Otherwise, you will let off the wrong impression. As such, we recommend that you reach out to expert video agencies that can help you create stunning professional videos that are guaranteed to build your brand the right way.

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