Show and Earn: The Video Types That Every Business Can Use

Video marketing has many benefits for businesses. As production costs fall and video content becomes more popular, video marketing has become one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to communicate with your audience.

An online survey found that the average online user watches about 100 minutes of online video content each day. Many businesses have already adopted video marketing by taking advantage of this statistic, and 92% of companies that use video marketing say it is important to their overall strategy. Video content comes in many forms, so it can be difficult to decide which types of videos will work best for your business.

That said, below are just a few examples of video types that you may invest in to boost your business.

1. Product Videos

The popularity of online shopping means that great product videos have become a key element in converting online visitors into sales. With so many purchasing decisions being made online, this is a vital way to attract customers to a product or service. An appealing video will show off a product or service and highlight its features, but it should also demonstrate how it works and show the advantages it delivers over a competitor’s product.

High-production values will make a product video stand out, and this format is ideally suited to online catalogues of products that are intended to be shared across social media.

2. Explainer Videos

An effective explainer video will take its audience through the details of how something works, usually in a short (typically 1-3 minutes), snappy, and engaging way. An excellent explainer video will get across the practical benefits of that product or service. This makes them such an effective piece of marketing content: they clearly tell customers why they should care and entice them to engage further with that brand.

For many brands, explainer videos are made in the form of animation. Animation is a great format for communicating complex technologies, concepts, and processes. Most of these videos are embedded directly on a company’s website to explain its core product or service. This makes them an essential part of the online marketing toolkit for many companies.

3. Promotional Videos

This is a call-to-action, a video with a specific goal. For example, you might want to add value to your audience by demonstrating a new product. Another goal could be encouraging your audience to sign up for a newsletter. You could draw people in with an entertaining animation or a fancy production. The point of a call-to-action video is to get people to do something, whether that is buying your product or signing up for your newsletter.

4. Onboarding Videos

A new employee has a lot to catch up on their first day, which can be overwhelming. An online onboarding video can take the edge off. This video is an informal introduction to a company’s culture, ethos, and history, taking away some of the pressure that makes new hires nervous. A strong onboarding video delivers a personal welcome message, responds to a candidate’s initial interview, and provides information on how to get to the office (including when they will be working) and what they need to bring with them.

These videos should set expectations appropriately while also providing members of any virtual team with a friendly introduction to one another.


When it comes to creating a successful video marketing strategy, it’s best to not just create a video but to have a plan. Video production is just one part of a larger online marketing strategy, and your videos should be created to bring in new customers and increase leads. If you’re having trouble making a video that’s compelling, you can always outsource the job to a professional.

Once you have your video completed, don’t forget to add it to your social media channels. You will be gaining more traction that day.

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