Video Marketing: How To Optimize It Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is currently experiencing unprecedented times. A lot of brands are struggling to stay afloat while accepting the fact that marketing strategies are declining. Because of the grave effects of COVID-19, people are unable to meet face-to-face at the risk of getting infected.

All kinds of businesses are greatly affected by the pandemic. Event marketing has migrated to online platforms, outdoor advertising has focused on targeting people at home, studio photoshoots have turned into FaceTime and Zoom shoots, and video marketing, as well as the entertainment industry, are experiencing struggles in production.

For companies who are still relying on video marketing to promote their brands, read on further below to find out how exactly you can continue producing quality content in these trying times.

Make Use of Available Materials

If you look back to your remaining files and come across unused footage, they can still come in handy to provide unexpected yet valuable results. All it takes is a few tricks during editing! Thanks to the efforts of a professional video editor, wonders can be done by turning untouched footage into a full video.

As long as the clips can be stitched together to create a coherent storyline, you will still be able to achieve your goal and present a video that can catch people’s attention. No one will ever know what had to be done to come up with a masterpiece from leftover footages.

Besides that, you can also make use of any of your published full-length videos and trim it down into a 30-second video. It will serve as a promotional campaign made from your old clips that may have lost its meaning along the way.

Reach Out to Your Customers

Another way to produce videos is by outsourcing ideas from your clients. Relying on second-hand experiences offer a realistic point of view of your product or service. It will also improve the value of what you’re selling and attract more customers to try it out themselves.

To highlight authenticity, consumers who are willing to participate don’t need a professional-looking production to share their content. They can come up with a simple recording using their smartphones and still result in genuine content that exceeds good quality.

Relying on the help of your loyal customers is a way to advertise a video that proves to be more relatable and raw to your audience.

Plan Ahead for Your Next Project

If your company can’t generate video output at the moment, you can always stick to pre-production, and start brainstorming ideas for your upcoming project instead! This way, you’ll have enough time to prepare everything the moment people are allowed to get together and shoot again.

Pre-production is also a process that requires a lot of time and energy to accomplish. It involves developing a firm concept, publishing a script, creating a storyline, casting talents and booking locations, and doing all the other necessary preparation that will make up your video production.

As soon as you’re permitted to continue working without any required social distancing measures, you can resume shooting with a brand new idea at hand and a mission to get everything done with no time to waste.


With everything happening across the world and everyone struggling to adjust to the situation at present, video marketing remains to be a plausible solution to stay ahead in the competition. The environment may have changed, but that only gives you more room to adapt to the shift and go with the flow of marketing. 

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