Video Marketing: A Guide for Beginners

When it comes to online content, consumers will stick around for what is most engaging. If your article isn’t written to be concise and relevant, people will simply move on to something that’s more attractive. That’s why choosing the right kind of content for your video marketing is crucial in making your campaign successful. 

Video marketing has risen in popularity in the past couple of years. This comes as no surprise, as online marketing is at an all-time high—especially with the advent of the pandemic that has affected businesses all over the world, leading everyone to take advantage of online platforms. 

Consumers love video content, and it’s a small wonder why: it’s entertaining and easy to digest, after all. Although you may have heard of the difficulties of producing high-quality video content for competitive marketing, it’s not impossible to produce good content for your campaign, especially with a Manchester digital marketing agency on your side.

Here are some of the things you need to know to get started:

Remember: Define Your Marketing Strategy

When businesses plan how to sell their products and services to consumers, it all comes together in a comprehensive marketing plan. Within that marketing plan, a content strategy emerges to determine what type of content will best drive the overall marketing strategy’s objectives. Video production is part of this strategy, and how you create it will make or break the promotion of your product or service and brand. 

It might seem intimidating, but if you follow the basic rules of good content creation, your video will be eagerly consumed by your customers and other audiences. By making content that is creative and accessible, you’ll propel your marketing strategy forward and increase your reach and engagement further with this favoured type of content.

The Connection of Video Content, Lead Generation, and ROI

Those concerned with making content that can generate leads, conversions and sales can remain confident in video marketing’s ability to bring such results. In 2019, about 80% of video marketers had said that video helped their brand increase sales. 

Furthermore, video marketing has proven to be an excellent way for brands to get a positive ROI. Reports have shown that a majority of video marketers have found favourable results in their ROI from video marketing campaigns on social media. While the point of video marketing is to drive brand awareness and customer engagement, it does a pretty good job of making a profit as well. 

The Impact of Video on Your Brand’s Searchability

SEO rankings are everything these days, and the type of content you put out will influence how well you do on search page results. By adding video content to your website, you are increasing your click-through rate by over 150% because you get customers to stay on your site for a longer time. 

When you lower your bounce rate this way, Google reads your website as more valuable and bumps up your ranking on SERPs. 

The importance of Optimising Your Video Marketing for Mobile

To be successful in your video marketing campaigns, it’s not enough to produce a video that’s good for desktop but particularly where it’s consumed the most: on mobile devices. 

Statistics show that about 90% of Twitter videos are watched through a mobile device with a similar trend on different social media platforms. To ensure that your video content reaches your customers, make sure to meet them where they are watching videos the most. Hiring a social media agency can help you in this regard. 


There’s no better time to incorporate video into your marketing strategy than right now. People are consuming video more than any other type of content, and it is proving to be more engaging—so much so that it leads to better sales and returns. 

Written content might be able to deliver this to some degree, but having video content on your website and other channels can improve your rates of engagement dramatically. Video content shows no signs of slowing down, so neither should its integration in your marketing strategies. 

Growing your business on social media can take a lot of work. Here at Video Ink, we are a video production agency in Manchester that helps innovative brands transform their marketing strategies with disruptive video campaigns. To find out more about how we can help your brand grow through video on social media and your business website, visit our site today!

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