Why Video Content Is Important for Boosting Your Brand

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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” may no longer hold as much credibility as it once did. Scroll through any social media platform today—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on—and you’ll find that “moving pictures are mightier than the sword.” 

Statistics have shown that posts with videos attract ten times more viewers than those with just plain text. In fact, Instagram and Facebook noted that activity on their platforms rose by 40 per cent because netizens spent nearly seven hours a week watching video since March 2020 lockdowns began! The time for video content is now.

Since the majority of businesses have shifted online, the goal is now to attract netizens digitally to boost brands. 

But we’re not a video production company,” you might say. “We don’t have the resources for that endeavour!” 

While that is true, now is the time to invest in this type of content to keep your business alive well into the pandemic and beyond. Here are several reasons why videos are important for boosting your brand.

They Are More Dynamic

Static posts with beautifully edited photos and succinctly written captions may captivate at first glance, but their engagement is low compared to those of video content (they pull in ten times more engagement as aforementioned). 

While photos capture the sense of sight, videos capture both sight and sound with music, dialogue, and curated set pieces. It engages potential customers because it feels like the brand is talking directly to them as opposed to static photos that only advertise a product plainly through words and pictures.

They Are the Digital Language of Your Future Customers

Since millennials and zoomers grew up during the boom of digital technologies and social media, they are more used to watching online content than reading text. Building a connection between your customers and your brand means speaking their native digital language to create recall and loyalty. You may lose potential clients now—and in the future—if your content remains the same in the coming years.

They Can Simplify the Complex

Your future customers won’t want to read four paragraphs’ worth of content or instructions on what your product is or how you can use it. As established earlier, millennials and centennials are digital natives who are used to a dynamic, immersive experience when connecting with their brand. They will prefer videos not because they are textually illiterate but because they understand that videos also simplify the complex. 

Take Google’s newest project, for example: Shoploop. The app is an e-commerce platform that utilises brief video demos for its product descriptions on beauty products. Now, those putting on makeup have one less worry to deal with as they have a free video tutorial from the app itself! It saves them time and effort to look for how-to videos elsewhere and adds value to their e-commerce experience!

The Come Across More Authentic

The problem with static posts advertising a product is that of a mannequin in a department store. It is a model displaying the product with no words or relational value to potential customers. 

On the other hand, videos’ dynamic approach of capturing sight and sound offer a more relatable and persuasive message. Videos allow a brand to communicate its values and audiences key opportunities to identify with them. When combined with a popular, credible content creator, videos bring brands to life as a fully-realized identity that cares about more than the sale—but their audiences’ values as well.

Wrapping Up

Social media is a competition for attention—of your current customers and potential customers. As research has proven, videos attract ten times more viewers compared to static posts and have the potential to boost your brand by simplifying the complex, coming across as more authentic with the aid of credible content creators, and speaking the digital language of your future customers.

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