A Guide to Making a Good Video Content Creation Strategy


Is your business taking advantage of video marketing yet? There is a boom in video content, and it is a great way to spread brand awareness to a broad market.

In fact, 94% of organisations report that video content converts better than any other form of content such as blogs or social media posts, and 79% of consumers said that a brand’s video had convinced them to make a purchase.

To take advantage of this video boom, you need to create a video content creation strategy. Here are some tips to help guide you:

Understand Your Goals

To create a compelling video, you need to know your brand’s goals and focus on them. Are you aiming to spread brand awareness or launch a new product? These messages can help centre your video content instead of just releasing a bunch of videos.

Follow a Three Act Structure

You can make engaging and compelling content by following a three-act structure. The first act sets the scene and develops characters, the second introduces the conflict, and the third act concludes the story. This gives your video an engaging narrative that captures your viewer’s attention.

Set Realistic Expectations

Despite advancements in technology that make it easier to produce quality video content, it is best to set your expectations. Great videos are not made so fast and cheap. 

Have a Well-Written Script

You would need a script even if you are making a 30-second promotional video. Having a script ensures that your characters stay on track and represent your brand.

Take note of your brand’s personality and the flow of your video. Your dialogue has to be written in a way that your target audience will understand.

Incorporate Your Brand into Your Video

A video can help you create a connection with your viewer. Make sure your video reflects your brand’s voice and creates an emotional connection with your audience. This may include the tone of voice, the face, imagery, and colours in your video.

Have a Good SEO Strategy

Just like written content, videos need to be optimised for search engines as well. It would help if you used the right keywords to make sure your video is searchable and can reach a wider audience. You can make your video searchable and sharable by uploading a transcript of your video.

Search engines such as Google index these transcripts and can convert them into high-performing keywords. 

Get on Social Media

Maximise the advantage of video marketing and social media advertising by making use of both. 

Social media platforms can become search engines in themselves and can help you spread your video content. It offers a vast potential for visibility and gives you an opportunity for global exposure.

For example, TikTok has over 689 million monthly active users and can easily make your video viral if you have engaging content. You can get on the coveted trending list on these platforms and widen your reach even more.

You can take advantage of trending hashtags, CTAs, and emojis to boost your social media presence.


Creating video content is a great way to engage your target market and widen your audience. video offers engaging content which allows you to give out more information to your market in a short amount of time. Incorporating video content into your marketing strategy is a powerful tool to grow your business.

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