Best Reasons Video Captions Capture Your Audience Better

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Don’t you just hate it when a video you’re watching plays audio that you can’t understand? Most watchers who go through the same thing feel exactly like you do—like it’s a waste of time replaying or slowing video speed down to grasp what the person is saying. 

That’s why captions or subtitles are essential, in movies, short films, and even corporate video production. These written words support audio and make the spoken language easier to understand. We’ll take a closer look at how captions capture your audience better.

They Increase Viewer Comprehension and Attention

Audiences tune in and stay connected to content they can understand with their senses. The opposite is true; they tune out after replaying the same parts repeatedly, even decreasing play speed, or instantly quitting if they know extra effort is involved in engagement.

Even if captions place an additional task of following words that appear onscreen, these subtitles increase viewer comprehension and attention. The more they can follow your message, the more likely they’ll stay hooked until the end.

This was proven by a study performed by the University of South Florida. When watching learning videos, 99 per cent of the student population unanimously agreed that subtitles aided their education about a particular topic. As such, corporate video production must include subtitles for better audience engagement.

They Make for Dynamic, Handicap-Friendly Content

Captions enable your viewers to follow your videos without sound! Today, around 83 per cent of US media consumers watch videos without sound! In addition, 80 per cent of people prefer watching videos with captions. Without those visual aids, they watch the beginning and leave or tune out from the get-go.

If they’re in a crowded area such as a bus, lobby, or market, they can mute the volume to drown out the noise, turn on the subtitles, and remain engaged in your content!

Captioned videos are also friendly towards those with hearing impairments, around 460 million or 5 per cent of the world’s population. Much like the previous example, they can mute the volume and just read through the dialogue with the help of subtitles. If your business caters to this particular market, don’t just depend on sign language in your content. Include subtitles in your corporate video production.

They Boost Your SEO

SEO content doesn’t just include written articles. It can also cover VSEO (video SEO) with the right keywords in the description or subtitles! Since platforms like YouTube and TED provide transcripts for viewers, those words are indexable on search engines whenever viewers remember a specific phrase or sentence.

Thus, captions in corporate video production increase online visibility, leads, and conversions. When possible, include the proper keywords in the video’s title, description, and transcript to rank higher. 

They Simplify Marketing Strategies

Subtitles can act as a master file for a particular marketing campaign. Aside from containing buzzwords and SEO keywords, these transcripts cover the full story of who, what, where, when, why, and how the story came about.

This eliminates additional effort in remembering or brainstorming for other ideas since they can be taken from the video’s captions! Best of all, there’s no need to build supporting content from scratch. Simply take the primary data, rework or paraphrase the buzzwords, and reuse them for new videos, posters, and other online promotional materials.


Content is king, and captions certainly fall within its jurisdiction. As mentioned above, these visual-verbal aids improve clarity, engagement, and conversions. They can follow your video (sans sound) and remain connected even while reading the text below moving pictures. Don’t be without this tool, especially in the midst of a digital market.

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