6 Major Benefits Of Using Video Advertisements For Business


Welcome to the new advertising age, where social media is king. Who’s the queen, you ask? Video. 

It may seem ridiculous, but think about it—when scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, don’t you often find yourself pausing to watch a video that caught your eye? How many ads have you seen that demonstrate exactly how a product works, leading you to purchase it? 

Cisco reported that global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019. The number has only grown since, especially with the boon of YouTube vloggers and content creators. 

One of the best parts of video as an advertising medium is that it is universal, and not just tied to one or a few social media sites. It can stand on its own. Digital billboards, for example, are quite helpful to drivers.

PewDiePie, one of the world’s top vloggers, is based in the UK. It’s no wonder that high-quality video production services are available in Manchester and other cities! There’s so much room to creatively share relevant information in a precise time frame about your product, service, or website in a video. 

Here are six reasons to start advertising via everyone’s new favourite medium:

1 – Videos are Probably Used by Your Competitors

While it may seem counterproductive to go with a standard medium, you’re actually keeping in stride with a classic trend. The fact that everyone is using video means that it’s extremely effective. You can go with the flow whilst adding elements unique to what you’re promoting, ensuring your ads pop!

2 – Videos are Extremely Popular

YouTube has billions of views a day and a multitude of content creators all because people love videos. This makes it one of the most organic ways of reaching the general public. Video is also incredibly mobile-friendly, which corporate video productions are fully aware of. Since smartphones are practically an essential worldwide, that’s giving your potential consumers your brand’s message right in their pocket. People use their phones for practically everything, including shopping online.

3 – Videos are Highly Shareable

Viral videos are all the rage—all the time. You’ve likely seen and shared several in a single week alone. Even if your ad doesn’t go viral, it still stands a chance of getting people talking. Compare a buzzworthy video to a blog post or a photo advert. It’s clear that the former is much easier to share and consume in one go. Practically all platforms will let you share videos no matter where on the internet they’re from with no fuss.

4 – Videos Condense Loads of Information in a Fun-Sized Moment

People won’t just see the information you want them to consume. They’ll be able to get the message with visual cues coupled with auditory support. It could be anything from a catchy song-and-dance to promote a mobile phone, or a colorful, demonstrative how-to that shows why a certain online shopping platform is the best choice. Aside from explanations, it can also educate and even entertain.

5 – Videos can be SEO-Friendly

These days, search engines like Google are the main road to the internet. No matter how the algorithms shift, videos will always be considered relevant to them. This makes them much easier to rank than, say, written articles or posts on blogs. Have you found yourself understanding an article better when there’s an accompanying video? That’s the power of video. It’s incredibly effective for search engine optimization. 

6 – Videos can be Made on a Budget

Recently, pop megastar Lady Gaga shot an entire music video on an iPhone. In 2019, music superstar Taylor Swift released a music video made entirely out of clips from home movies. The market continues to see the rise of cost-efficient yet reliable digital cameras that have video-taking features. Budget is usually one of the biggest concerns when launching any kind of promotional campaign. Most of the time, affordability and effectiveness are at odds. When creating a video ad in 2020 and onwards, fancy equipment isn’t a staple anymore. This brings the budget down considerably without sacrificing any advert quality.


Video allows your website, service, or product to be more accessible. No matter what it is you’re marketing, having an audiovisual presentation and essentially putting a “face” (literally or figuratively) to the brand will work wonders.

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