Utilising Video Production Services for Better Business Marketing

The modern era of businesses has plenty of companies competing in an oversaturated market. While it might seem challenging to get a foothold when others have already established themselves in the field, many marketing techniques can offer a boost. This existence of various techniques makes today’s entrepreneurial world more forgiving, allowing anyone to succeed if they play their cards right. 

The United Kingdom is very competitive in its business sphere. Expenses like rent are high in some areas, people can be very brand loyal, and the youth aren’t residing in cities like London and other expensive districts as much as before. One way that businesses can succeed in driving sales in such a difficult market is to invest in other forms of media. An example of this is putting money into video production services in Manchester to help boost your visibility if you own an enterprise in the area. 

How Corporate Video Production Assists In Conversions

Humans are visual creatures, and this is evident in our love for aesthetically pleasing things. Aesthetics is mostly perceived by the eyes and is piqued by the mind’s perception of these subjectively beautiful works or elements of life. This reason is why humans love to watch movies and indulge in their favourite television series rather than read a book. Without movement and motion, the eyes often experience fatigue and get rather bored. Ask someone if they’d rather watch a 5-minute video clip or read a 5-minute article and you’ll likely see people choose the former. 

Various types of videos pique people’s interests because of how these provoke emotions and thoughts in people. While text makes people imagine, videos can show people something physically visible. There are various types of videos that corporate video production in Manchester can do for a local business, and here are a few:

1. Explanation Video

A video made to explain a product or a company’s mission and vision is the perfect way to keep viewers engaged and interested. These can be plastered onto the business’s website’s home page, as this offers customers and clients an easy way to grasp the gist of the company’s services. When using this for products, people won’t have to rely on what a product looks like out of the box when they purchase it. Many customers appreciate these unboxing videos that explain the item briefly, as not much can be derived from the pictures on a sales page. 

2. Product Demonstration Video

Demonstrating the wide range of features of a product can be done using these types of videos to supplement the first type. These can display action shots, software installation, various situations for use, and other notable features. A good video production service can help your brand’s sales skyrocket thanks to taking out the guesswork regarding your products. 

3. How-To Basic Videos

Some products might have small quirks or hidden features that aren’t common knowledge. Others might require some troubleshooting or optimisation to work well. In these cases, it is best to create short how-to videos to showcase the best ways to set up a product or how to work with the various features available. 

Social Media Video Production

The best way to spread awareness of the videos available is to make them optimised for social media posting and use. One of the top ways to promote users to a website or your YouTube channel is to clip out bite-sized portions of content and post them on social networking platforms. Captioning them appropriately with the right SEO language and even hashtags can help their reach increase significantly. These will typically catch people’s attention, and well-made content will make them want to keep watching the videos on external platforms. 


If you live in the United Kingdom, you can solve the difficulties of running campaigns by investing in good video production services in Manchester and your local areas. Human beings are visual learners, and offering them exciting motion picture content will help drive conversions because it takes the guesswork out of purchases. 

Outstanding corporate video production in Manchester doesn’t have to be complicated. With Video Ink, we specialise in video production campaigns for your business. Grow your brand with us today using remarkable video media to tell your story to the world!

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