5 Tips on Using Video Content Marketing to Boost Profits

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If you’re running an eCommerce business, you’ll understand the frustration that comes with the last yard before the customer actually clicks the “ADD TO CART” button. You don’t know much about what keeps people from clicking the Buy button, but you do know that without seeing or feeling a thing in person, most online buyers are concerned about making an impulsive purchase. Fortunately, video can help dispel many of those worries.

From displaying a product’s distinctive features and advantages to showing shoppers how to use it, the video gives the final push that may help convert a visitor into a loyal fan happy to buy your products!

1. Use Videos to Tell a Story and Connect with Customers

Video marketing is transforming eCommerce, and this trend will only continue. You could get away with just making a selfie-style video of your product for a time, but today there are so many incredible videos on social media that you need to do something to stand out. You must understand how to communicate your brand’s story using video.

2. Shoot Instructional Videos

How-to videos are highly beneficial to both new and existing consumers. Who wouldn’t want to witness firsthand how a product they’re thinking about buying (or have already bought) works?

You don’t have to include actual people in your how-to videos unless you want to. Animated how-to videos may be pretty effective and well-liked.

Subtitles should be included in videos with voice-overs. This ensures that the directions are clear, and it also makes your videos more accessible to those who learn in a variety of ways.

3. Commit to Investing in Video to Reap the Rewards

Video allows you to be found on the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube. You’re missing out on many potential views and connections with your consumers if you don’t have video material. You may also use video to promote your business and products in a more dynamic, visual manner. A well-executed 30-second product video may frequently replace 1,000+ lines of text and perform a better job of marketing your goods. Finally, well-done video product pages turn consumers into purchasers at a higher rate than picture-only sites.

4. Let Customer Testimonials Do All the Hard Work

It can be challenging to advertise oneself, especially if you are new to the eCommerce industry. Like a great CV, a strong marketing plan requires a tiny amount of bragging, especially if you’re doing something your competitors can’t. Here come the testimonial videos. Including a testimonial video in your marketing strategy may provide several benefits for your eCommerce store: It creates social proof, boosts your reputation, and positions your product or service as the ideal solution to a potential client’s need or desire. A carefully positioned testimonial video may move a reluctant consumer farther down the funnel, such as on product pages where the next step you want them to take is that dreaded “Add to Cart” button.

5. Make Your Videos Mobile-Friendly.

Soon, mobile phones will take up a majority of the marketing space. The consumption of video on mobile devices is quickly increasing, which allows merchants to reach out to a mobile audience and convert them more successfully. More and more videos will be customized for smartphones, such as the usage of vertical video.


Businesses can create high-quality video for a low cost, and a successful video may boost sales, internet traffic, and brand exposure. There are several ways to use video to help a business develop! Video Ink, one of the best video production services in Manchester, can go beyond and more to drive traffic to your site with quality, scroll-stopping video content!

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