The Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Your Business

Explainer videos bring together the ingredients of your brand, story, products, and culture to make viewers want to learn more about them. This is important because an informative and in-depth presentation is crucial for winning customers. This presentation benefits from the qualities that make business explainer videos highly effective communicators, which we’ll get to later.

The Rise of the Video Format

While explainer videos can play a huge part in helping businesses, they still have an issue: they are hard to find when people search online. A study by Google showed that 93 per cent of visits to a website came from keywords they hadn’t purposefully sought out. A great way to improve this is by making your video SEO-friendly.

A video on your homepage, which is optimised for your target keywords, will take people through the foundations of your business, showcasing the features and benefits you offer. Your explainer video may also be shared on social media, where it can reach hundreds of thousands of eyes. 

Sharing your explainer video on social media platforms such as YouTube can make your video even more popular because the platform itself is so popular. Plus, when YouTube viewers like your video, they might share it with others who could relate to what you’re saying.

Explainer Videos and Storytelling

The impact has two layers: storytelling and visual thinking and production. The first layer, storytelling and visual thinking, are crucial for explaining your idea or message to an audience. A carefully considered script, onscreen text, a voiceover, illustration, and animation all supercharge your content in various ways. The second layer is production; this refers to using actors and real footage for a more realistic feel.

These four pillars of communication—audio, visual, animation, and onscreen text—deliver your message, allowing you to engage your audience and present your company’s information in a way they can understand, whether they learn best from visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learning styles. 

Graphics and animations help boost the impact of an explainer video by naturally presenting the information. An explainer video is a blank canvas that we tailor to the audience who will receive it and the message you want them to receive.

Explainer Videos and Better Audience Response

Now, you might be wondering what’s so great about explainer videos. Well, as a creator of such videos and someone who has used them to generate leads and revenue, I can tell you quite a lot. Let’s start with their ability to help you solve your audience’s problems. 

According to research by Animoto, 85 per cent of marketers say that video is an effective method of getting attention online. Now, this doesn’t just mean grabbing people’s eyeballs. It means helping them do something.

Explainer Videos and Branding

Explainer videos help you connect better with your audience. This is why you may have heard about branding with video. Since explainer videos are visual, they help you build a visual brand. The videos help you express the feeling and values of your brand effortlessly, making your brand memorable and endearing. 

Explainer videos can be a valuable part of your branding strategy. A report found that 71 per cent of marketers say that video is an effective way to promote a brand’s image. By telling your story with an explainer video, you’ll set yourself apart from your competition, making you memorable and appealing.


With the growth of mobile devices and Internet access, the demand for explainer videos is growing. Their benefits are considerable and a great way to promote your business. With a strategically planned and executed explainer video, you can boost traffic to your website and generate leads.

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