Understanding Film Pre-production – What to Know before You Shoot

Pre-production is a crucial part of the filmmaking process, including the organisation, planning, and preparation of elements necessary to create a successful movie or television show. It is the process of assembling a team of personnel, equipment and all other elements that are needed to make a film. This process occurs before actual filming begins and is critical in creating a successful video production.

What Is Involved In Pre-Production?

Several elements are involved in the pre-production process. The following is an overview of these elements:

1. Script

The script is the blueprint for the entire film and outlines each scene in detail. It is essential to pre-production and sets the foundation for all other elements.

2. Planning

During this pre-production phase, the director and production team will review the script, plan production dates and select locations for filming. They will also create a storyboard which is a graphic representation of each scene in the film.

3. Preparing the Cast and Crew

This includes ensuring that each individual is fully prepared for their role in the film. This includes researching the specific roles, creating backstories and doing rehearsals.

4. Location Scouting

One of the most important parts of pre-production is finding great locations that work well with the script. Location scouting involves finding and visiting potential sites and documenting them.

5. Choosing Equipment

Once the locations have been established, the production team must decide which equipment to use. This includes cameras, lenses, lights, sound and other necessary equipment.

6. Supplies and Props

In addition to the necessary equipment, pre-production also involves preparing props and other supplies needed for filming.

Benefits of the Pre-Production Process

Pre-production is a critical part of any successful video production. It allows the director and production team to plan and prepare for the filming and set the groundwork for a successful production. Here are some of the benefits of pre-production:

1. Saves Time

By doing pre-production, the production team can ensure that everything is in place and ready to go before shooting begins. This saves time and money by cutting down on delays during filming.

2. Organises the Process

Pre-production helps to organise the entire process by providing a blueprint in which all puzzle pieces can come together.

3. Ensures Quality

Pre-production should ensure the film has quality by providing the necessary equipment and personnel.

What’s Included in the Brief?

The brief is the project’s traditional “blueprint” that outlines the project’s goals and needs in detail. The elements contained in the brief will vary depending on the type of project; however, the following information is typically included:

1. Aims and Objectives

The aim and objectives of the project should be outlined in the brief. This is to ensure that everyone involved in the project is working towards the same vision and have the same understanding of what the project’s end results should be. 

2. Schedule

The schedule of the project’s development should be detailed in the brief. This includes detailed breakdowns of expected shooting days, editing sessions, and delivery to the client. 

3. Crew

The individuals and departments involved in the project should be identified in the brief. This will ensure that everyone involved in the project knows exactly which tasks they are responsible for and when they are expected to complete them. 


Pre-production is an essential part of filmmaking and necessary for successful video production. It involves several elements such as script review, creating a budget, location scouting and more. By doing pre-production, the production team can ensure that everything is in place and ready to go before shooting begins. This process is critical in ensuring a successful production.

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