Top Places to Look for Video Inspiration Within Your Company

Creating videos for your company is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s world. Videos not only help you connect with your target audience but also increase engagement and conversion rates. However, coming up with video ideas can be daunting, especially when you’re unsure where to start. But the truth is, you’ll be surprised that you really don’t have to go far for ideas.

So in this article, we’ll take a look at some places in your company where you can find inspiration for your next video project.

Customer Service Department

Your customer service department is an excellent place to start looking for video ideas. They deal with your customers daily and have firsthand experience with their challenges. You can ask them to share the most common questions or concerns they receive from customers and create a video that addresses them. This not only helps you provide value to your customers but also establishes your company as an expert in your industry.

Product Development Team

Your product development team is another great source of inspiration for video ideas. They know your products inside out and can provide valuable insights into their features, benefits, and unique selling points. 

You can create product demo videos that showcase your products in action, highlight their key features, and demonstrate how they solve your customers’ problems. These videos can be shared on your website, social media channels, and email campaigns to generate interest and leads.

Sales Team

Your sales team is on the front lines of your business, interacting with customers and prospects on a regular basis. They know what resonates with your audience and what objections they have to overcome. You can work with your sales team to create videos that address common complaints, showcase successful case studies, and provide valuable insights into your industry. These videos can be used to nurture leads and close deals, making your sales team’s job easier.

Marketing Department

Your marketing department promotes your brand and reaches your target audience. They know what channels work best, what messaging resonates, and what types of content are most effective. You can work with your marketing team to create videos that align with your overall marketing strategy, whether that’s to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or drive sales. You can use these videos in your social media campaigns, email marketing, and website content to engage your audience and drive conversions.

Executive Team

Your executive team has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be leveraged to create thought leadership videos. You can interview your executives on topics related to your industry, provide insights into current trends, and share their vision for the future. These videos can position your company as a leader in your industry and attract high-quality leads.


Coming up with video ideas can be a challenge, but by looking in the right places, you can find inspiration and create videos that resonate with your audience. So, start exploring these places in your company for video ideas and take your video marketing to the next level.

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