Tips to Help You Create Your Corporate Video Objectives

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Corporate video production has been a staple in the marketing strategies of many businesses and organisations, especially since the rise of internet use. However, to properly execute this kind of promotional material, you need to lay down your objectives first.

Defining your objectives for video production will keep you from creating something poor-performing and generic that doesn’t align with your overall marketing strategy. Below are some tips you can keep in mind for the process:

Take a Look at Your Quarterly Targets

Business is all about hitting your targets, which is why you need to consider them when you’re setting your objectives for a marketing campaign like producing a corporate video. Define what you’re required to hit every quarter and ask yourself if the time and cost needed to make a video will be worth it to meet them.

You could be dealing with a hard target, like generating more sales or bringing in new lead generations for your business. On the other hand, you could also consider your soft targets, such as improving site engagement levels. Whatever the target is, you have to accommodate them in your corporate video objectives.

Develop Hard Goals

Setting hard goals will provide your video production with a concrete direction to follow. Hard goals look like actual numbers such as a 10 per cent increase in leads or subscriptions, a 15 per cent reduction in page bounce rates, or 100 views per month. These kinds of numbered goals will help you determine how you decide on your objectives. Some businesses use specific systems to assess their goals, namely the SMART, PACT, and FAST methods.

These systems enumerate the requirements of determining a goal. For example, using the SMART system requires your goals to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. PACT goals are purposeful, actionable, continuous, and trackable, while FAST goals are frequently discussed, ambitious in scope, and specific in metrics and milestones. Whichever you choose should fit your business needs precisely.

Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audiences involves determining who would watch your video, what they’d be interested in, and what kind of message they’d be receptive to. It’s essential to create objectives that have these audiences in mind because they’ll prove the direction your video will take.

As much as possible, you want to aim your video at an audience with one common interest. Trying to accommodate more than one interest can cause more confusion and lead to a mixed understanding of what video production must look like.


Your video objectives will set the tone of the entire marketing campaign, which is why they need to be concise and easily understandable. It can be quick to lose the essence of your objectives when too many people want you to accommodate their differing opinions in a single campaign.

Make decisions on what you want out of your corporate video production, your intended audience, and the hard goals you want to meet so that you and your team can enter into this campaign with a clear vision in mind.

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