Making a Video for Your Brand? These 5 Tips Will Help

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In recent times, videos have been considered to be among the most compelling types of content to improve brand engagement. Estimates from last year showed that in 2021, the average person would likely spend 100 minutes each day watching videos.

What that tells you is that it’s no longer an option for you to skip making videos – not this year at least. However, not knowing how to create an effective video for your brand can be an overwhelming thought process. What message do you want to tell your audience? How can you be sure that your message will reach the intended audience? How do you ensure the audio quality is good? All these questions may be on your mind right now, but don’t worry too much just yet. 

As an expert video production agency in Manchester, we will share five effective to follow when creating videos for your brand:

1. Plan the Content of Your Video

Even before you start with the preparations for your shoot, make sure that you know exactly how the video will go, content-wise. It requires careful planning, and you might need to come up with a storyboard and a script. You might also have to do some research to ensure that the video will resonate with your target audience.

2. Prepare for It Properly

You can’t rush the preparation stage because you might end up wasting time fixing or redoing various stages during the filming or post-production if you do. The preparation period is the best time for you to work out any kinks. Check your cameras, the audio equipment, and the lighting, and also don’t forget to check your camera’s batteries and memory before you start the actual filming.

Likewise, remember to prepare the production site. If you’re shooting outdoors, ensure that there won’t be any distracting visuals or sounds in the background that will steal your viewer’s attention. You should also consider your brand image when choosing the clothing of the person who will be in the video because they’ll be representing the company!

3. Be Thorough During Post-Production

Post-production gives you the opportunity to “clean” your video. This stage allows you to improve clarity, remove noises, enhance colours, do the necessary dubbing, and insert subtitles. Like with the preparations, you cannot rush post-production because you don’t want to miss anything that could take away from your video’s overall quality.

Even if you do not have much experience in post-production, you can depend on the experts at Video Ink to bring your visuals to life!

4. Select Your Distribution Platforms

Once your video is ready, you need to choose the proper channels for your video and try to upload the video to as many platforms as possible. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent channels because your audience frequents them. Of course, you must upload on YouTube and Vimeo as well. Once you’ve posted it, you can start promoting the video, too!

5. Remember to Optimise for SEO

Your blog posts are not the only thing that needs to be optimised for SEO because video is another form of content as well, and people do searches on Google for specific videos. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and make sure that search engines can easily find your video.

You can use high-ranking keywords relevant to your industry in your title and description. Keep it clear and concise, so viewers can easily understand what your video is about. Also, use tags with varying keywords, and of course, make sure your thumbnails are attention-grabbing so that your video will be clickable!


Videos are effective marketing tools that every business must utilise. The five tips above should give you an idea of the basic steps you need to remember when you’re making video content for your brand. However, you might find that making such content is time-consuming and complicated. If it’s taking much of your time that you should be dedicating to running your business, be sure to consider getting professional video production services instead!

Video Ink is an established video production company in Manchester known for high-quality, engaging videos that help boost brands. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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