Another 5 Tips to Help Your Brand Grow via Short-Form Videos

In our previous article, we’ve already covered various tips on making your brand prosper with short-form videos. We’ll discuss another batch of tips in this article, so read on below to get started.

#1 – Build a Story

With the help of short-form videos, you can easily present a story that will instantly connect with your audiences. Doing so can increase the chance of your brand being noticed by your audience.

As you know, “shorter is always better” applies to the content you want to share. People don’t want to spend too much time on ads or other promotional content to get information from them. Therefore, by making your brand’s story available on the platform via short-form videos, you must ensure that your story is concise and informative. However, it should be appealing enough to capture the audiences’ attention.

Furthermore, a story also helps because it’s the best way to show people your brand and what you do. At the very least, you should coherently structure your video with the other channels of your brand, like your website and social media profiles.

#2 – Make Your Video Aesthetically Pleasing

Besides telling your brand’s story, you must also ensure that the video appeals to the eyes. Remember that the fundamental purpose is to catch people’s attention, so you must make it aesthetically pleasing.

The best way to make a video aesthetically pleasing is to make it look professional, regardless of whether it’s about the video’s colour, the background, or the design. For example, if you want to use simple elements to create a video, you can apply various colour palettes to the text and background to create a distinctive style and look.

Since you’re creating a business video, you should use a style in line with your brand. This way, you can let your audience know that you’re serious about your brand. Instantly, you can ease their doubts about your brand, which is an excellent way to earnestly boost your brand’s presence.

#3 – Add Music, Sound Effects, and Subtitles

With any sort of video, you must add music and sound effects. You’re creating an enjoyable atmosphere to listen to and watch, but you’re also making sense of professionalism, which can help support your brand.

Moreover, videos have better chances of being viral if you add such elements in your video. For example, you can add an instrumental soundtrack if you want people to focus on the message you want to convey and not the background music.

Furthermore, including subtitles in your video also helps because it improves the understanding of the video. Since videos are usually visual, it’s common for people to misinterpret the content that the video wants to deliver.

#4 – Determine What Platform You’ll Upload Your Video

Having a social media presence is essential to every brand nowadays, so you must determine what platform your brand will use. Whether it’s a Facebook page, Twitter profile, or even a business page, you must consider why you’re creating the page, what you’re going to do with it and how you’re going to use it.

After that, consider how you’re going to upload your short-form video. If you want your video to be viewed by people worldwide, you must choose a video platform that’s available and popular internationally.

Additionally, you’ll also need to optimise your video for the platform you’re uploading it. For example, creating a video appropriate for the platform, like creating tags and titles, is essential if you’re using YouTube.

#5 – Finish Your Video with a Call to Action

A call-to-action is a call for the audience to take action after watching your video, like purchasing your product or adding you on social media. You’re increasing the chances of your brand’s presence because people will be more likely to do that after watching your video.


Short-form videos are an excellent way to advertise a brand, but they must be used wisely to be effective. Conversely, if you’re using them to promote your brand, you must ensure that the video is easy to understand and that the story makes sense. As long as you produce a quality video, your brand’s image will improve.

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