Things You Need to Consider in Your Product Video

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A great product video informs and inspires viewers to pay attention to you and your product. Including videos on your website can increase conversions by up to 80 per cent. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, there’s no denying that a product video can make or break your potential customers.

Here are five things you should consider in making your product videos:

1. Introduce Your Product

Try to remember those times in kindergarten where your teacher would ask you to show and tell your drawing in front. This concept can also be applied in introducing your product to your desired audience. You can have your own artistic and fancy, highly conceptualised trailer. Still, if your audience won’t know the product, they might not become your customers. 

There are methods available to assist you in introducing your product. You could, for example, use a product demo video that effectively demonstrates your product and what it can do. 

Another example is a video that explains something, also known as an explainer. You can accomplish this by combining audio and text. Explaining how your product works and the story behind your brand can make your audience more likely to want to buy your products.

Finally, you can use a tutorial video to introduce your product. This type of video content explains how to get the most out of your product. Rather than focusing solely on acquiring new customers, you can also cater to those who have already purchased the product.

2.  Tell a Testimony of Your Products – Tell Your story

Today’s consumers prefer companies with a purpose over those with flashy products. When people watch product videos, they are looking for more than just the product’s technical specifications. They would also like to meet the people who created the product and those who use it. Your product can be used to explain why your company exists.

When it comes to testimonials, use your best customer. It could be in the form of quotes that you can use in your product video or an interview with them.

3. Technicalities Matter

Since your product video serves as an advertisement, they give first impressions. And first impressions and appearances are crucial. That means you cannot afford your video to be shaky or have unclear photography. This can lead to a drop in your sales when you’re targeting local audiences. For example, if you are in the UK, you might want to consider asking from a video production company in Manchester

4. Focus on Your Target Audience

It would be best to be specific on your product video, regardless of whether you are targeting a specific demographic or geographical area. It should be pertinent to your prospective customer. You should include the location or city where you operate, as well as the availability of your service to other areas. Furthermore, it would help if you emphasized the kind of demographic you want to reach.

5. Put Some Weight in Your Context

It’s okay to show off your product, but you should also emphasize how it can help your customers live a better life. You can include questions such as what problems your product solves, how it can improve their well-being, how it adds to their motivations, and whether it makes them happy in general.


Using product video can help you in making your business grow. Creating video content is an effective way to engage your target audience with your product. Videos deliver information to your target market in a short period.

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