Fact and Fiction: The Truth about Corporate Videos

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More often than not, we perceive corporate videos as boring, bland, and full of text. While there are indeed cases where a corporate material gets too serious for its own good, corporate videos, in general, aren’t really meant to be dull at all. 

Perhaps the word “corporate” is the main culprit why such video presentations are stereotyped this way; however, the term itself has been widely misinterpreted, even amongst those in the video production industry.

Simply put, corporate videos are supposed to inform, instruct, and orient people about a certain company or brand—and once it is presented to a certain number of people, the goal would always be for them to absorb whatever was presented.

What Does a “Corporate Video” Actually Entail?

It is basically video content that is paid and made for a company or brand to orient and present information to a certain group of people. 

Looking at your online sources, you may encounter a similar type of definition as well. Notice that nowhere in the definition was it mentioned that the presentation should only follow a certain format! This means that a corporate video shouldn’t just be about boring text and stock footage. 

Since the core meaning is open-ended, it is up to the video production team to make it more interesting and lively!

What Can I Do to Make My Corporate Videos More Interesting?

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to make your corporate video stand out from the rest, but the following are just some of the more common examples and techniques that you can practice with.

Use a Storyboard

You need to conceptualise the overall content before even proceeding with the production proper. Storyboarding would help you build a chronological structure that would make the video presentation interesting and easy to understand. 

Remember, you are making something that aims to orient and present information to a group of professionals. See to it that the end result is something very significant and memorable!

Use Different Camera Angles

Using only one camera angle could get too monotonous. Remember, you are making a presentation video, not a nightly news interview. 

Apply dynamic camera angles if you must. Put yourself in the viewers’ shoes and analyse if your footage would keep them excited for more, or if they’ll want to excuse themselves for a short break.

Use Different Types of Graphics

This particular pointer requires balance. You should add graphics that would add to the appeal of the corporate video; however, you should not overdo it. Putting too many graphics in your presentation may distract the audience, well enough for them to not absorb the presentation’s core message.

Use the Right Music

Don’t stick to elevator music. Choose something upbeat and positive! Remember, you’re trying to captivate your audience with the presentation. If you can, use something trendy yet, not at risk of copyright claims. 

Remember, the type of music you use to match your footage will determine the overall outcome of the corporate video.

Use the Right Cutaways

Even though the video presentation should be well-structured, you can still use cutaways to keep things interesting. 

Cutaways are basically “interruptions” that you may insert within a specific segment of the video. These cutaways may contain accompanying information or tidbits that may emphasise the point of the main segment. Utilise this technique wisely and awe the audience until the end of the video.


Corporate videos aren’t really intended to be plain and dull. Due to the fact that it is made to inform and orient professionals, its tone and presentability should still remain intact yet, upbeat. The video production team has all the freedom and creativity to convert a simple corporate video into a very informative presentation. Use every technique in your arsenal to make it stand out and entertain the audience all throughout.

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