The Simplified Guide to Social Media for B2B Companies

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Over the past years, social media has been a source of promotion for many entrepreneurs and brands. Most companies use it to connect and engage with their customers and promote their products or services. But for B2B companies who sell from one company to another, there isn’t a need for much interaction with the public. Yet, you’ll find many of them on several social media platforms.

Do B2B Companies Need Social Media?

The answer is yes, but not in the way B2C companies do. Every company today needs an online presence to stamp its legitimacy as a running business. Having social media accounts also allows business partners to research your company and know you on a “human” level. You don’t have to act or engage with non-business contacts or put out ads because you’re not in the business of impressing the public. But you will still want to build a professional profile that can earn respect and authority from your peers and partners. 

In this article, we will share our guide to effective social media campaigns for B2B companies:

1. Go on Platforms That Matter

Since you’re not looking to become more popular with the public, you don’t have to be on all the social media platforms. Facebook and LinkedIn are the most professional platforms to grow a good network. 

Having a Facebook page makes things easier for potential business partners to view your essential details, such as your location and email address. It also makes it more convenient to reach out to you. LinkedIn is very much like Facebook, but this will apply more to professionals, employees, and employers. Although it used to be just for job postings, now it has evolved into a space for professionals to share business insights. You can even promote your business here and gain attention from the right corporate audience!

2. Create a Content Calendar

Have you ever wondered how companies can post regularly and continuously? One trick that social media marketers do is to plan and create a content calendar. A content calendar maps out the days of posting and includes what to post on those days. Some marketers create calendars good enough to last the week, while others plan for the entire month. This way, nothing falls behind schedule, and there is always something to post.

For B2B companies, you can plan content that centres around the industry, what your general goals are as a company, and what partners can expect from working with you. Posting doesn’t have to be often, but it should be consistent. If two to three times is the goal, better stay on that.

3. Showcase Your Company Culture

Social media is also a great avenue to show the “behind-the-scenes” of the company. It lets people know that there are good employees behind the business, giving them the recognition they deserve. Plus, this type of content helps out with recruitment. As the company grows, you will need more people to work with you. 


Every B2B company must utilise the function and opportunity that social media provides or they will risk falling behind other competitors. With the three tips shared above, your company can stay on an upward growth trajectory. But if there’s no room in the company to start an in-house social media marketing team, then you should pass on the work to capable hands instead.

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