The Psychology Of Video Marketing: An In-Depth Guide

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Nothing draws consumers in more than stunning visuals that are both alluring and impactful to the point of urging them to take action. This is why video content is so successful. 

Nowadays, it would be an understatement to say that consumers are largely visually dependent. Well-made graphics and videos inform their purchasing decisions and influence their notions and sentiments. This is because the average person’s attention is quickly attracted to imagery— the brain intrinsically processes visual information better than anything else. More than 50% of the brain is heavily involved in the processing of visual data! 

More and more businesses now rely on video content marketing to generate leads. One thing you need to know about before you enlist Video Ink’s video production services to create promotional content is the psychology of video marketing. 

Understanding the Impact of Video Content 

Video content is the most-used marketing tool today, and it’s vital to understand why they’re so effective. The fact that videos on social media enjoy a whopping 1,200% more shares than text and image posts combined isn’t without reason, and much of it has to do with the psychology of moving pictures. 

Fortunately, Dr Susan Weinshenck, an expert in behavioural psychology and the CEO of Team W, noted a few distinct reasons video marketing is such an effective tool for online persuasion:

1. “Movement in the peripheral vision grabs attention. The human brain is hardwired to notice movement across our field of vision.”

2. “The brain patterns of both the speaker and listener are in sync, promoting effective communication. This is why viewers retain 95% more information from video compared to just 10% for people who read the same information.”
3. “Videos can convey facts and emotions quickly. As an instantaneous form of communication, videos have the distinct advantage of communicating social and emotional information in addition to facts.”
4. “Video testimonials provide social proof. The combination of brain syncing, an emotional message, and social validation create a very persuasive package.”

To further add to the proof of video marketing as one of the most effective tools in existence, web psychologist Nathalie Nahai aired her sentiments and expert opinion in a video webinar. According to Nahai, “videos are special because they engage the human brain in three ways: through our primal system, our emotions, and our intellect. With more than one way to engage your audience, you can offer different types of video content to your audience for a more effective marketing strategy.”

Numbers to Watch Out for

Beyond psychology and expert opinion, the argument for video marketing is hardly irrefutable because of the figures that back it up. 

One such example of statistics further cementing the status of video content comes courtesy of this HubSpot report. According to the report, brands relied more heavily on video as a marketing tool than any other year—with 81% of businesses used video as a marketing tool in 2020 (a significant boost from 63% in 2019).

If the key points mentioned above weren’t enough to convince you, here are a few other vital statistics that will convince you to include video content in your marketing strategy more often:

  • 80% of all internet traffic will include video by 2021.
  • 72% of customers prefer video over other media to learn about a product or service.
  • 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read text.
  • People will spend more than 100 minutes a day watching videos.
  • Marketers who employ marketing video get 66% more leads.


When it comes to understanding the value of video marketing, there is much to learn along the way. Once you understand the psychology and statistics surrounding the efficacy of video, you can build an effective strategy that will bring in maximum results! 

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