Fast and Engaging: The Positive Results of Video Marketing

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Advertisements and traditional marketing materials have since gone a long way. There used to be a time when newspapers, TV commercials, and radio commercials were at the top of a marketer’s list. However, over time, they’ve all lost their appeal—all thanks to the ever-growing number of innovations in communication technology. When people began to flock towards their phones and computer screens, businesses and brand owners learned to adjust with the times.

Gone were the days of visiting the newspaper stands, of sitting in front of the telly for hours, enduring minutes of oatmeal and soda commercials, or of waiting for your favourite song amidst the countless ads on the radio. Nowadays, people can ‘skip’ these ads with just a single tap on their mobile phones.

Indeed, times have changed. Marketing isn’t the same as it was during the previous decades—and you may thank digital marketing for being a catalyst of that. As various technological advancements were making their way to the top, so did the marketing agencies, adapting all their strategies to fit with the demands of a modern target audience. 

Amongst all the adjustments, nothing else stood out more than video marketing.

“What is video marketing?”

Basically, video marketing is all about producing, creating, and publishing a particular video in order to spread brand awareness, raise brand name recognition, and motivate interactions from the people. 

You may have been a fan of recent viral videos online. You can bet that marketing agencies are adapting the same trend in order to boost their client’s brand!

“What are the advantages of relying on video marketing?”

If you’re the client, the chances are that you would want to start a campaign where you’d be able to reach different groups of people, regardless of their race, gender, and age. One way to achieve this is through their social media pages. 

Now, social media platforms are already filled with print ads and well-designed postings, but in spite of that, they still do not manage to ‘hook’ that many audiences—which is why video marketing would still be your best bet in the long run. Aside from that, there are also other advantages in choosing video marketing over the traditional forms of marketing. 

Just to name a few, they are:

Videos are more precise than print

Videos, in spite of their well-detailed and fast-paced nature, may be able to deliver the brand’s message way better than a typical print ad. Depending on the execution of the video production, it may inform the target audience about the brand in question, as well as its unique features. It may also show things that you wouldn’t be able to visualise in a single print or poster!

Videos can captivate audiences with its message

Video marketing is all about attention. Well-produced content would be able to captivate your intended target audience well enough for them to retain brand recognition for a very long time. The editing, the background music, the special effects, and even the featured endorsers would play a major role in a video’s ‘virality,’ so to speak. If the target audience were to stop scrolling their phones even for a second due to the dramatic intro of your video campaign, you could bet that your video marketing already made its mark in one way or another!

Videos allow for a much wider scope and reach

Some print ads and posts are too generic to even turn heads nowadays. The same can’t be said about videos, ushering in a generation of viral content that would make the headlines throughout the globe, thanks to the power of the internet. Even if people don’t own laptops or desktop computers, they’d still be able to access it through their mobile phones.


Video marketing can accomplish things that even print and radio ads may never dream of accomplishing since their early inception, and that is to captivate and maintain the attention of its countless audiences. Especially now, when people’s attention span is way lower than what it was decades ago, no one would even bother to peek at a black and white print ad, unless it was made up of moving pictures. Video marketing has revolutionised visual marketing throughout the years—and clearly, it is here to stay.

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