The (Not So Secret) Secret to Make Compelling Marketing Videos

Video is an extremely compelling content medium that can strike a chord with your audience and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking to produce a 30-second marketing video, a two-minute corporate video, or a half-hour mini docuseries, your video must have an immediately recognisable narrative structure. 

You’re not necessarily trying to create a Hollywood blockbuster, so you probably don’t need A-list celebrities and a multimillion-dollar budget. However, your video must reel your viewers in and grab their attention long enough for them to reach your call-to-action. 

It’s worth noting that customers today are especially adept at detecting marketing content and immediately tuning out if they feel that your video has nothing new to offer them. That being said, people love stories and will generally still be compelled to watch a video if it provides more than just marketing content. 

This means that for your video to generate interest, it needs to have a story. 

Storytelling is in our DNA

Humans have been telling stories for millions of years. Evidence of storytelling is present in cave drawings, which scientists believe to be records or narratives from these early societies

Researchers have yet to reach a consensus on the purpose that these cave drawings served. However, some researchers believe that the drawings, which were mostly of animals being hunted, may have been related to some sort of “hunting magic.” 

This means that the painting could be a way for early humans to “influence” the success of the hunt, which in those days were vital for survival. These “stories” likely helped our ancestors take action despite the perilous danger that it posed. If one were to draw modern-day parallels, early humans might have used the cave drawings to inspire their fellows into action, much like a call-to-action. 

Stories help you remember 

Think back to the last television or Netflix series that you watched and concentrate on the few word/s that make up the title. Try to focus on those letters and words and separate them from the titular character or central themes. 

For example, think BBC’s Sherlock without actually thinking of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman running around London solving Crimes. Better yet, try thinking of NBC’s Friends without bringing up mental images of Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe drinking coffee in Central Perk. 

Not so easy to do, right? That’s the power of storytelling. While so many characters have played Sherlock Holmes over the years, and the word “Friends” has to be one of the most common words in the English language, it’s still possible to tie them together in a specific context. 

Because of the stories attached to their name, it becomes difficult to dissociate them from each other. In that same vein, stories can make your brand be more than just a name or a logo. With video, you can create a story around your brand—and one that will compel the audience to notice and remember. 


If you want to use video for your marketing efforts, ensure that it has a story to tell. Don’t just push out content for the sake of it. Ensure that your videos tell the story of your brand and make it compelling. 

Remember that your brand is more than just your logo or name. If done correctly, your brand should surpass even your products or services—it should tell the story of how your brand can make their lives easier, if not better. 

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