The Importance of Video Quality for Your Brand

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Visual aids help brands make themselves known to the people. Among many types of visual aids, videos are among the most common. Many brands pour a lot of their budget into producing a video, mainly because of their reputation. Simply put, if your video’s quality is made poorly, it also reflects poorly on your brand.

In today’s day and age, quality is everything. If you’re a business owner, you make sure that your products or services are of high quality. This goes the same for your advertisements, especially if you’re using videos. 

A video’s content must make its audience think and engage with the video itself. To cut the story short, the quality of your videos does matter, but let’s dig deeper:

Why Does Video Quality Matter?

People’s perceptions can make or break your brand. If it’s not perceived well in the market, chances are it won’t survive for long. If you use a poor-quality video, expect the same to happen—you have nowhere to go but down. Regardless of what videos of your brand the customers watch, the perception of your brand is linked to it. Therefore, the audience is likely to develop a negative perception of your brand if the quality of your video is not good.

Do keep in mind that perception around your brand further changes when new potential customers see your brand’s videos. Since marketing is a concept that gradually evolves over time, you will have to adapt to the changing environment. 

Smartphones vs. 4K Cameras: Which Provides the Better Quality?

You can’t just bring out any camera and start recording. Not all cameras are created equal, and that certainly applies to smartphones and 4K cameras. Yes, a 4K camera can record videos in high definition, but other kinds of 4K cameras have features that other cameras do not. 

The same could be said for smartphones—some brands have cameras that are on par with 4K cameras, but there’s a right time and place on when to use either of the two. Smartphone cameras are very portable and there’s the ease of use. However, due to its size, it can’t quite produce the same quality of videos that a 4K camera can. As a result, your brand may just repel potential customers away.

With a 4K camera, various features are readily available for use. Aside from that, you can change its lenses depending on what you need. A smartphone is only capable of shooting up to 30fps, sometimes going as high as 60fps. The average 4K camera, however, can shoot up to 155fps. Obviously, using a 4K camera is a good choice when it comes to producing content.

When To Use A Smartphone Camera

While there are many restrictions when it comes to using a smartphone camera, you can use them in smaller-scale projects in relation to your campaign. You can also use a smartphone video when taking a quick video post, or maybe even during a live stream if you’re a brand owner or ambassador.


Video quality plays a huge part in making your brand reputation. You should always consider getting high-quality video equipment to produce high-quality content. When your videos are well, customers and clients are more likely to pay attention to your brand and ultimately, convert into paying customers.

If you’re looking to produce video content for your brand, quality should be prioritized. Video Ink is a top video production agency in Manchester that produces high-quality video content for brands locally and internationally. Contact us now today and see how we can help!

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