The Importance of Video for Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

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The online space is a vast and unforgiving landscape, with new innovations and challenges being introduced into it daily. And with its constant evolution, the digital marketing arena has changed greatly, especially when it comes to the natives of the digital age: millennials and Gen Z (or Zoomers).

The culture of the digital age has been shaped and defined by these two generations. The right practices and systems must be in place if your target market falls within these demographics, as they behave and interact with marketing and products in vastly different ways from their predecessors. 

In this article, we are going to talk about two of the best practices for marketing to and reaching millennials and zoomers that yield the best results. 

Putting a Premium on Video Engagement

Video is the name of the game, as many millennials and zoomers consume it for more than just entertainment. It now acts as one of the primary sources of information, and is a key factor in determining purchase decisions. It is not unheard of for members of this demographic to look up unboxing videos and hands-on reviews before buying something. 

A study even showed that 80% of millennials use videos as a resource when researching products or services they are interested in. In fact, they are 85% more likely than boomers and Gen X-ers to buy a product if there is a video explaining it beforehand. 

And as more and more zoomers enter the workforce and become financially capable or independent, video marketing will only get more important as it guides many members of this demographic throughout the purchase cycle. 

Pairing it With Social Media

The emergence of YouTube in 2005 changed the culture of the internet forever by making videos more accessible to everyone with an internet connection. As such, many social media platforms have followed suit. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are now flooded with plenty of videos, with over billions and billions in collective streams every day. 

Social media has evolved. It is now a legitimate platform for businesses and companies to share information with their target market. It is not something that any business can ignore, especially if that enterprise hopes to be successful in marketing their brand. 

The importance of video on all these platforms cannot be understated, as many millennials are 57–58% more likely to follow a brand’s social media accounts and 60–67% are more likely to engage with that brand if it posts regularly.

There is no denying it: videos can drive not just engagements and brand awareness, but sales. 

In conclusion

No matter the  products you might sell or whatever services you might provide, your business could be pushed to greater heights of success if you invest in video marketing. In a content and engagement-driven world, video marketing is the way, as it is an efficient tool  to deliver information in the shortest amount of time. And with the right practices on social media, you could come close to becoming unstoppable as a brand. 

If you need some help with your video marketing, why not send us at Video Ink a message? We have the expertise and the knowledge on current video trends to help your business succeed in the digital age. 

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