The Difference Between Short-Form and Long-Form Video

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In recent times, all social media feeds have started incorporating video content, clearly indicating that videos have been dominating internet fame. As a brand, your challenge is to execute video content that will make the user stop scrolling to watch the video you’ve posted. It can be tricky, especially that your competitor is doing their best to do the same thing. As such, you need to come up with effective strategies to stay ahead of the competition. 

While there are many approaches to beating your competitor and making your video go viral, you must first learn what type of video you will produce. In this article, we will share more about the difference between short-form and long-form video types so that you can use video marketing effectively. 

How Does Short-Form and Long-Form Video Differ? 

Let’s talk about short-form video first. A short-form video is any video that is less than 10 minutes long. It’s often called snackable videos or snackable content since it can easily be digested and quickly consumed. You’ve probably seen this type of content frequently while scrolling on social media since the majority of people and brands use this type to tell their stories. Short-form videos are also meant to be shared, so they tend to go viral more quickly compared to long-duration counterparts. If you’ve noticed, some short-form videos have an element of humour or surprise –– these are just some of the tactics to make it more attention-grabbing and exciting to viewers.

On the other hand, any video that goes beyond 10 minutes is considered a long-form video. It’s usually narrative in nature and feels more like a film than a promotional video. This type can be challenging to launch because it needs careful creative planning and a grand production effort in order to be successful. Long-form videos rarely get the same level of attention compared to short-form videos, but some brands can nail the former since they garner long watch time, high completion rates, and increased brand interaction. In fact, using long-form videos is perfect for keeping your viewers engaged and growing your brand awareness!

What Are the Examples of Short-Form and Long-Form Videos? 

You’ve likely seen short-form videos more than long-form ones. While you’re casually scrolling through your social media, you can see a lot of short-form videos such as three-minute video trailers, five-minute video recipes, eight-minute music videos, Instagram stories, Vines, Snapshot, and anything else that is under 10-minutes long. 

Long-form videos, on the other hand, will include interviews, live Q&A sessions, webinars, speaker conference recordings, Netflix comedy specials, and any video that is more than 10-minutes long. 

Which Is More Effective When Marketing a Business?

Keep in mind that creating a marketing video strategy does not solely depend on the video length. You should also consider your audience, goals, and content itself. However, short-form videos will be your perfect go-to if your goal is to keep your brand on top of mind and boost your brand engagement. It’s also relatively easier to watch, doesn’t require a considerable time commitment, and it’s perfect for adding some positivity to your viewer’s day. Since most audiences are also busy with their lives, a short-form video is more recommended. 


At this point, you now know that both short-form video and long-form video can bring valuable opportunities to your brand. They can offer different benefits for as long as they are made creatively and are relatable for your audience. You can even choose short-form videos if you want to deliver fun, short, and entertaining content. However, you should go for long-form videos if you’re going to tell a story or inform your audience with thorough detail. No matter which type of video you choose, the content’s message is what truly matters!

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