The Benefits and Ways Using Video Can Boost Your Email Marketing

Video and animation have continued their meteoric rise ever since their introduction. Television shows and sitcoms became an instant success in the 20th century, and their modern forms of online videos and streaming are one of today’s most popular entertainment options.

If you’ve been hoping to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing, incorporating video and animation can do just that. It can help you connect with your audience while conveying your message creatively and engagingly. By combining visual storytelling with email marketing, you can cause your open rates to soar. Here are three tips to keep in mind: 

1. Create Compelling Copy Around Your Video

To get the most out of putting video in your emails, write intriguing copy to accompany it. If your email contains only a video, both email filters and people are more likely to think that it is spam, which will tank your open rates. Instead, write engaging copy that immediately tells your customer the point of your email while clearly describing the content of your video. It will also give a positive impression of your brand, as it demonstrates your genuine desire to deliver substantial value to your audience. 

2. Put Your CTA in a Prominent Place

Your call to action (CTA) must be in a visible, prominent area so that you can guide your audience to the intended place. It’s best to put the CTA in both your video and text copy to people remember to sign up, view your social media, or whatever you intend for them to do. You can include your social media links, a download button, a contact form, and anything else that is visually arresting.

3. Use an Appealing Thumbnail for Your Video

One of the best ways to make your content more appealing is to use an attractive thumbnail for your video. You can opt for a GIF, a gorgeous screenshot from your video, or an image with your logo on it. Your audience must understand what to expect from the video at a glance, which will encourage them to open it.

Meanwhile, there are numerous benefits that animation can bring when incorporated into your emails. By investing in video production in Manchester, you can skyrocket your brand image. Here are three advantages you can enjoy:

1. It Improves Customer Loyalty and Brand Trust

When you regularly send out emails that appeal and resonate with your customers, they’re more likely to be loyal to your brand. People appreciate it when companies branch out from pushing their products and services in their faces and offer entertaining and valuable content. By incorporating stylish animation and video in your emails, your audience will see that you’re trying to create a pleasant and unique experience for your subscribers. They may even look forward to receiving your emails!

2. It Builds a Strong and Original Brand Image

Standing out from the crowd can be challenging, especially in an oversaturated market. Luckily, video can help you set yourself apart with success. If you present your new products or services through an animated video or even a GIF in your newsletter, you’ll have a much better chance of conveying the product’s personality. You can also reveal its mood and establish emotional bonds with your customers, boosting both your reputation and your chances of selling. You can employ similar tactics in your other announcements.

3. It Deeply Connects You WIth Your Audience

Lastly, video and animation are more creative yet personal ways to connect you with your customers. Since they’re meant to drive emotion by using visual metaphors and a strategic combination of colours and animation, your audience will feel more excited and engaged. It can also present your brand as a storyteller, making your audience feel captivated, thereby establishing a deeper connection with them.


Video and animation are great concepts to weave into your email marketing. They’re much more engaging to read, which will encourage your audience to open your emails. They also present an opportunity to stand out from your competitors, especially when done creatively. With these benefits and tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a memorable brand experience for your company.

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