5 Strategies for Improving Video Marketing during the Pandemic

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While many businesses are focused on the potential of digital as a replacement for face-to-face events, the COVID-19 epidemic presents an unparalleled opportunity to use video as a general method of consumer engagement, communication, and retention. 

To make the most of this opportunity, here are a few ideas for using video in your marketing plan at this period. 

1. Make it Meaningful 

Consumers are now being bombarded with content. Everyone wants to inform their consumers about what they’re doing to keep their food, goods, and workers safe throughout the crisis. 

In principle, this is a positive thing. According to research, 43% of consumers believe the COVID-19 message they are now getting is too similar. Everyone appears to be copying and pasting the “rest assured, we’re doing all we can…” line of communication, rather than speaking from the heart and standing out from the crowd. 

2. Be Sincere 

The most probable kind of material to go viral is video. Being true to your brand is the only way to produce that kind of content. What is the personality of your brand? While these businesses have large advertising expenditures and most likely large ad teams, the lesson here is how they utilized their voice. How can your company utilize its distinct and genuine voice to produce films that customers not only watch but actively seek out and share? People desire knowledge and assistance. If your marketing material can portray a genuine voice, your company will be on the forefront of consumers’ minds. 

3. Focus On Being Mobile-first

Make sure that your video material is mobile-friendly. Consider how easy it is to stream and how long it takes to download. Think about the platform you’ll use to upload it to. For example, Google, as the owner of YouTube, has certain advantages. Its search engine is integrated across both platforms, giving you double the search capability for your submitted material. These particulars have a significant effect when it comes to making the most of your money. 

4. Establish a Specific Goal 

While videos are a viral option in marketing, this does not guarantee that they will always be successful. To guarantee that your video gets the desired outcomes, take the time before creating your video content to establish your ultimate objective. 

Are you searching for a short engagement? Do you want to keep your current customers? Do you want to share information about your business going above and beyond the call of duty during the coronavirus fight? 

Before you send your campaign out the door, double-check that those objectives transfer to video. Furthermore, be realistic. Consumer demand is declining, plain and simple. That is the moment to adjust your expectations about what they want and what they can offer you. 

5. Spend Your Money Wisely 

As a company, you must understand that the marketing expenditures you are making today may not pay off in terms of sales. That is why it is critical to keep your budget in mind. You may utilize Instagram Stories or make a video with your phone and edit it using tools like iMovie. While they may be successful, they may not result in sales. Therefore, spend wisely on your video approach and find the best video production company to give you affordable but quality material. 

Final Thoughts 

Right now is the moment for companies to demonstrate this by redefining their strategy and actively practicing empathy and customer-centricity in their marketing via the power of video. What you display matters more than how you talk as a brand. While this may need a change in your marketing mentality, changing your creative methods and increasing your video marketing efforts are excellent places to begin.

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