Sound Judgement: Sound-Based Tips for Business Videos

When you watch any video, the quality of sound is a major factor that you must also pay attention to. Your business’ customers similarly are attentive and attracted to video productions with great and revolutionary sound mixing and integration. But what exactly should you know in order to take advantage of this for your business videos? 

This article will talk about the different elements of sound in business videos and what you should consider. By knowing these, you can traverse the nuances of video production with the right knowledge of your output’s sound quality.

Use high-quality, clear sounds and music

It should go without saying that high-quality sound effects and music is one of the things you need to prioritise in terms of business video production. Doing so allows you to engage the user through your story, as the visuals and sound elements complement each other! This has an immersive experience for users which influences them to further look into your business website and buy your products and services. 

The best way to ensure your business’ success in producing quality video content with great sound production is by hiring a professional video production company. This will allow you to focus more on the creative direction and your branding identity to enhance the business video. 

Be sure to also prioritise video production companies with tons of licensed, high-quality sound and music options to take advantage of their services and maximise your marketing budget. 

Follow sound-based video trends 

Sound-based videos are popular among different social media platforms, like Facebook and Tiktok. For example, certain Youtube influencers use autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) which is a sound-based video trend that stimulates the brain. These ASMR video influencers reach out to their audience and gain lucrative business sponsorships. 

You may also want to join these trends, especially if it is relevant to your business’s branding and the storyline of your business video. Aside from that, it can greatly entice your audience while enhancing their experience too!

For example, your new business video can have an immersive quality to it with the use of 3D audio effects. Doing so will not only allow your audience to immerse easily but can also make your business trend in different social media platforms. This results in the growth of your customer base and the further expansion of your business!

Study and comply with music licenses 

You may need permission from different production companies to use certain licensed sounds and music in your own business videos. This is in compliance with Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and your business will answer to the legal consequences when you use copyrighted material.

For the best results, you can hire a professional video production company to handle the intricacies. Not only can they assure compliance with copyright laws, but they can also secure the quality of your business video.

Be sure to also look into procuring different tools, like sound mixing, hiring professional musicians, and using the latest recording software. Doing so ensures the highest quality for your business videos. 


Sound is a huge element in any professional video production for businesses. Additionally, you need to make sure that the visuals, storyline, graphics, and other elements are in sync in your final product! Be sure to consider the previously mentioned tips today to gain sound business knowledge and success in your chosen industry. 

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