The Significance of Video Production Skills to Marketers Today

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Marketing is a dynamic field with a wide range of sub-specialities. In contrast to other professions, this industry evolves around content, analytics, automation, search engine optimisation, and paid advertising. 

With so many options, it’s no surprise that marketers question the company’s priorities or the most in-demand skills. Here’s a quick guide to help learn more:

2021 and the Essential Marketing Abilities

Marketers will probably need written and spoken communication skills, fundamental data analysis, and computer literacy in 2021, but beyond these skills, there is also a growing trend that demonstrates how marketers are becoming increasingly reliant on video creation skills.

Animoto found in 2018 that 84 per cent of marketers prioritise video creation skills when employing new marketers. Many marketing jobs offered on networks like Indeed or Glassdoor now include a video component.

Some of the job descriptions we noticed in marketing job posts from throughout the country involve creating video content, social media management, photography, creating stories and writing script video ideas. In most cases, it also came with creating multichannel digital experiences with video and basic video skills.

The odd thing about the previous job descriptions is that none of them involved video production or marketing. As we’ve observed, there was no mention of the word “video” in any of the roles, nor were they affiliated with a production department. As a result, essential production skills are no longer a niche that “generic” marketers can afford to ignore.

The Importance of Production Skills Today

Increased Viewership

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, many people worked from home and depended heavily on digital devices. Thus, more people are viewing and interacting with videos than ever before. 

From work-from-home setups to mundane viewership, switching to video simply makes sense for businesses. Corporations are building or strengthening their own video marketing strategies due to increased interaction with video content.

Finding Balance Between Internal vs External Production

Traditionally, many firms would employ a production company or freelancers to handle all aspects of a video project. A growing percentage of teams now anticipate managing at least some of their production obligations internally.

Many firms manage all social media content in-house while contracting out paid ad placements to production firms. On the other hand, other businesses are experimenting with sponsored adverts while outsourcing a video production company for their websites. 

Additionally, employees must independently manage video projects to balance third-party production partners and internal teams.

Utilising in-House Resources vs Outsourcing a Video Production Company

Employee Advantages

Personnel with basic manufacturing abilities are in high demand for a variety of reasons. One advantage is the speedy turnaround. Often, finding an internal resource capable of producing a quick social video is faster than hiring an outside team. Second, teams that create their own video content, particularly social media, usually cultivate the authentic vibe that audiences value.

Gains for Production Companies

Keep in mind that production businesses continue to have a quality and skill advantage. The bulk of in-house teams are unable to compete with manufacturing organisations’ equipment and experience. However, for short, informal pieces, having someone on board can be pretty beneficial.


When it comes to growth strategies for a business, marketers must fully grasp the foundations of video production to stand out during their next job search. This way, you attract the best talent that could understand and execute the needs of your company. If you’re a video production expert, you must also mould your skills towards creating content that could further your client’s success.

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