Promoting Your Event On Social Media: 4 Simple Tips

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Event planning is difficult enough as it is. Once you have your schedule and plans all lined up, there’s one more thing to worry about: marketing. How do you make sure your fabulous event attracts attendees?

The simplest answer: social media.

Billions of people use social media every single day. It’s a terrific platform to boost your online presence and engage your target audience. It’s also a fantastic way to promote and amplify your event, whether it’s a seminar, a conference, or even a party!

Your event marketing campaign should set aside a budget and resources for social media. Here are a few tips that will help you generate the buzz and grab a large audience for your next event:

Tip #1: Begin Early

You can’t create buzz overnight. You need to plan your social media event campaign well in advance of your event. You need to build curiosity and excitement, and ride that wave into record-breaking attendance numbers.

Start off by posting teasers on your Instagram Stories and various feeds. As the days and weeks go by, you can release more specific details about your event, such as invited guests, the theme, location, and more. You need to build a bit of mystery in the beginning and consistently feed your audience concrete information.

As you build up to an event, you need to keep a closer eye on your content calendar! Professional, high-quality, valuable social media content will help boost your event like nothing else can.

Tip #2: Branded Hashtag

In 2021, social media is still all about the hashtag. It’s an easy and straightforward way to keep all of your content organised, and for curious drive-by scrollers to access all the information they need in one place

The trick is to come up with a unique and relevant hashtag that’s easy to share. Try to keep it as short as possible because anything too unwieldy is hard to read and even harder to type. It also has to be specific—you don’t want any unrelated content on your search result page!

Make sure to use your hashtag on all event-related content you post. The more you use it, the more excitement you can generate.

Tip #3: Host A Giveaway

One of the easiest ways to boost your event on social media is to offer prizes. Ask your followers to share a contest post and use your event hashtag to enter. This amplifies your event further, especially if you dangle a valuable morsel to encourage further social media boosts. Your event sponsors can help you with giveaway items, or you can use your own branded products.

Tip #4: Ask Your Host

If your event involves a keynote speaker, prominent guests, or workshop leaders, make sure to ask them to promote and share your hashtag and other event content. Always make sure to give what you get—follow them, like their pages, and boost their own posts, too! Remember: marketing is a two-way street. You can’t ask without offering something in return.


Social media event promotion will help you bring in attendees in droves. It’s all about planning and producing high-quality content. The only way to generate buzz is to tease your audience well in advance and follow through with a fantastic event that all of them will enjoy!

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