7 Production Elements to Create Engaging Videos That Convert

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Many organisations, particularly small businesses, are apprehensive of creating video content. The truth is that videos do not have to go viral to influence your bottom line significantly; you just have to create one that your target audience will respond to. Of course, millions of views will cause your brand to skyrocket. Still, a compelling video that will trigger hundreds or even thousands of your followers to buy your product or avail of your service will still make a tremendous difference.

Here are seven important elements you must nail to create engaging videos that will help convert leads to sales:

1. Interesting Characters 

If what you’re doing or saying isn’t very intriguing, get someone else to say it. This is one reason accents are gaining popularity in marketing since they are more engaging for listeners. A British accent would be much more entertaining than the discourse of an ordinary Joe Schmoe or Jane Doe.

2. Intriguing Locations 

Similar to character, If what you’re doing or saying isn’t fascinating, change where you’re doing it or who’s saying it. This simple premise served as the foundation for The Piano Guys’ enormously successful YouTube channel. While you can record your films at your house or workplace, with a bit of thinking, you should be able to choose a much more intriguing venue.

3. Distinctive Costumes 

Creating a persona is as simple as donning intriguing clothing. Diane Keaton established her image through her flair. Millions of business people are forced to wear cowboy hats by image consultants. Instead of dressing ordinarily to attract attention, you might stand out by wearing something distinctive.

4. Entertaining Action Sequences

If you or your actor can demonstrate something engaging, such as juggling, dancing, or standing on their head, it will make whatever you’re communicating more interesting to listen to. While filming interesting action sequences might be challenging, you must still do your best to include more exciting scenes and imagery in your videos.

5. Interesting Props 

If you have a limited budget, you can still use simple yet interesting items to illustrate what you’re saying. You can have a character act out a scene using their wardrobe and use interesting props to illustrate their points. This video would run on the strength of smartly chosen props.

6. Dialogue 

Express everything you have to say in the most engaging manner possible and in a tone that  your target audience will respond to. Remember that video content is so effective because it is the best way to keep a person’s attention. Make your dialogue interesting and valuable, and your end product will perform well.

7. Sound Effects And Music

Aside from dialogue, consider adding sound effects or royalty-free music to your videos. You won’t even have to spend much money—they are either free or extremely inexpensive. They will add yet another exciting and engaging element to your video.


One of your primary focuses in video production should be making your script, both visually and audibly, as entertaining as possible. This will be a lot simpler now that you understand each facet of video creation. Now, you can take each of these elements into consideration and be creative in how you use them.

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