How to Plan a Successful Video Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn

Different companies apply different methods of promotion on various online platforms to make their brand well-known. They usually strategise and execute marketing just right, enough to gather attention and yet remain sophisticated. It’s just how it usually works—the standard way of dealing with marketing challenges.

Now, out of all the platforms you may market online, LinkedIn may probably be the last thing you have in mind. That is understandable, as people are more used to seeing ads and PR content through social media pages and blogs. However, the importance of marketing in LinkedIn may never be denied.

For one, it has a lot of followers from around the world. Aside from that, its primary demographic is primarily focused on professionals and university graduates, a perfect target audience if your products or services cater to those details. 

With that said, you may be planning to market your brand with the help of promotional videos. In such a case, proper planning is necessary. To help you get started, we’ve listed down a few pointers that may help you succeed:

1. Create a Concise Video

Your video campaign doesn’t have to be long. So long as you can deliver your core message within the first few seconds, you will still be able to generate leads. 

Forget about trying to pack your content with as many graphic designs as possible, as that is not the primary purpose of your promotion. Remember that you are trying to deliver a video that speaks your brand truth in only a few minutes, so be sure to make the most of that.

2. Make Your Video as Accessible as Possible

Some members of your target audience may come with disabilities. In such a case, be sure to include subtitles with your videos, especially those that have a valuable dialogue to deliver. While text slides aren’t complicated to read, the ones with their own narrations may need close captions for your audience to understand what they’re all about. 

Aside from the usual implication of promoting your business, it also says so much about your company’s drive to reach the other members of your community, even those who weren’t given the ability to hear from an early age.

3. Include a Call-to-Action Statement before the Video Ends

If you think that blog posts and social media texts are the only ones to have their CTAs, think again. The message of call-to-actions may also be included in your videos, given that they motivate your target audience to check out more of your products and services. 

This is crucial since LinkedIn is full of professionals and free-thinkers, and they will expect nothing else but the best, especially from your promotional materials.


Creating a successful video marketing campaign is all about formatting your video to match the efficient elements of a successful ad. This is even more significant if you plan to execute it on LinkedIn, a place where people have high standards in marketing strategies and content. 

Be sure to create a short video, highly accessible content, and compelling CTAs. Follow all of our tips and watch your leads grow over time, along with the followers that may add to your growing brand followers online.

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