Our Top 3 Essential Tips on Creating Compelling Product Videos

What’s the use of having an amazing product if your target market doesn’t know it exists? Some business owners will invest time and money in creating marketing campaigns for the products. Although this is right, they forget to produce a particular type of marketing content. 

Product videos are an advantageous type of content that consumers love to absorb. It’s a short explainer video that tells a person about the product or service your company offers. Now that we’re deep into the digital age, using product videos is a great way to communicate to your market about what you offer. 

However, product video production can be quite challenging and complex. That’s why it’s crucial that you gather all the right information, research and work with a reliable video production company to help you create incredible videos for your products. 

If you’re planning to create video content for your products, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our tips in creating compelling product videos for your brand. 

Understand the problem of your target market

Ideally, when you create a certain product, you should make one that can help solve your target market’s problems. When you make a product video, you must communicate that your product is the solution.

When you do this, you’re not only sharing information on the features and specifications of your product; you’re also convincing them to purchase your product so they can try it themselves. 

Although you need to mention the problem your product targets, you must remember not to dwell on this issue too heavily, and instead, focus on the solution. 

Don’t make your videos complex

As mentioned earlier, we’re deep into the digital age. This means that more people are on their devices, looking for solutions quickly and conveniently. With that, it’s important to remember to make your videos short and informative, but compelling enough to catch their attention. 

Avoid creating videos that have too much technical jargon or uses language or slang your target market isn’t familiar with. You must connect with your audience quickly through the video so that your market stays interested and curious about your products. 

Play around with different elements

Everyone loves an eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing product video. And for this reason, don’t be afraid to play around with colours and vibrant colour schemes to help your audience get into the mood. 

Besides colours, ensure that you’re shooting in a beautiful location, using the right set design or props, and working with a professional model. All of these factors are important, and you must keep them balanced and professional-looking. 

To produce amazing videos, it’s best to team up with reliable individuals from a video production company in Manchester, such as Video Ink. We know all the tips and tricks, have the best equipment and knowledge and are passionate creatives who know how to produce excellent content. 


A lot of research, work, and physical labour is exerted in creating an effective product video. Because this is an essential type of content that can do wonders to your brand, you must follow these tips and collaborate with a video production company to help you manifest the best video for your product. Once your product video is out, watch your numbers rise and traffic increase; you’ll understand why you shouldn’t overlook this marketing move!

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