Our Guide to Using Explainer Videos to Promote Your Brand

Now that more brands are shifting to the digital marketplace, standing out from a saturated market can be incredibly challenging. And to deal with this, many brands are looking for ways to offer something new to the table to catch customer’s interests, resulting in hundreds of content competing for limited attention. 

An effective way to establish your brand in the digital marketplace is by creating explainer videos. When you see that businesses use explainer videos as a tool for their market strategy, you know that it’s packed with valuable information about the brand, making it an efficient branding strategy. 

Because videos are powerful marketing tools, most companies will opt to work with reputable video production companies to help them come up with informative and persuasive explainer videos that will impress customers who are interested in their business.

If you want to make your brand’s personality shine through the screen and catch your target market’s attention, consider creating explainer videos. This article is our guide on how to use explainer videos to promote your brand. Let’s dive in!

Display your branding organically

When we talk about branding, the first thing you’ll think about is your logo. Showing your logo in promotional materials is an essential part of brand recognition; however, it’s quite difficult to squeeze it in your video and make it look more natural. 

Ideally, you don’t want your explainer videos to be too “salesy” and fake. If anything, you want to engage your viewers with the narrative and be immersed in it, forgetting they’re watching an ad video.

If you want to incorporate your logo organically, display it with the first product that enters a frame and should take the stage for a brief moment before moving on to the next frame. And reinforce your branding towards the end of the video to promote brand recall. 

Implement your brand’s colour scheme

One of the most critical branding elements that leave a lasting impression on customers is the colour palette of your brand. This is because most customers’ initial judgement on a company and its products are based on colour; that’s why you should utilise it more.

When you’re deciding your explainer video’s colour scheme, don’t try to reinvent your company’s colour palette. Instead, stick to the colours that represent your brand effectively.

If you’re having trouble, work with a reliable video production company who will understand your brand’s vision and will incorporate the right colours to make a powerful and aesthetically pleasing video. 

Focus on creating a compelling story

Explainer videos are more than just visual aesthetics; you need to make sure that you’re connecting to people on a personal level by creating a compelling story. 

People remember things that make them feel powerful emotions. If you notice, some of the most popular videos are those that make you laugh, cry and feel joy. And for this reason, you should create video content with emotions in mind to help create an effective video without compromising your brand’s character and vision. 


When you create explainer videos for your company, remember that each element in your video will represent your brand’s identity in some way. And because of this, you need to work with a creative video production company to help create a compelling and robust explainer video. This way, you’ll have a video that will best represent your brand, helping you stand out from a saturated market and establish your brand online. 

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