How to Optimize Video Content in 4 Ways

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Enumerating why incorporating video content into someone’s marketing strategy is easy, but optimising it is more challenging. When you create video content, it’s not going to be all about mashing up some clips and speaking in great words. No, it also needs to follow some rules (or optimisation ways) of digital marketing.

So, to make your video content a success, here are four ways you can optimise it and consequently boost your business:

Use Keywords

Strategic keywords are needed if you want your video content to succeed. Using strategic keywords is all about researching what is significant to your chosen topic so that more customers are attracted to it. 

Many keyword research tools can provide you with a list of keywords to use and their frequency on search engine result pages (SERPs). Once you have your keywords, don’t forget to incorporate them into your video title, description, file name, and social media posts. 

In addition, using your keywords forcibly won’t help. It must be naturally part of your content, so it’ll more likely appear in the SERPs. 

Short Descriptions

Optimise your video content by keeping your social media descriptions short but sweet. Don’t fill your post with too many words that may take the attention away from your video content. Ensure that it is only supporting content and only gives customers a brief intro to the video.

You should place significant links to the description of your video, which may persuade customers to perform an additional action, such as purchasing a product or learning more about your offers. Also, make sure that you have a catchy title that contains a keyword when you upload your video.

Custom Thumbnails

The first thing your audience sees is the thumbnail of your video, which is why it should be attention-grabbing. But stills from your video itself, which video sites automatically pull as a  thumbnail, may not suffice. You’ve probably seen videos like this on Youtube. 

A random still may look chaotic and not attention-grabbing enough, so you can opt for having a custom thumbnail instead. Apps like Canva offer excellent choices of custom thumbnails for Youtube and other video sites. In addition, your video will likely perform better with a thumbnail, just like 90 percent of the best-performing videos on Youtube with custom thumbnails.

Put Captions

Putting a transcript of the speech in your video will encourage more viewers to watch, including those with hearing problems and those who sometimes watch videos without sound. It also makes it easier for people to follow the speech when they have transcripts to rely on. 

In addition, you can use the transcript to highlight your target keywords and boost your frequency in search results. Captioned videos also make them more visible to your target audience. Putting captions may be time-consuming, and while there are tools that make this job easier, you can’t entirely rely on them. Some words get misspelled or mistranslated if you don’t do it yourself. 


With the growing popularity of video as a medium of communication on the web and social media, it is only in your business’s best interest to optimise this marketing strategy. With the right video content, you can reach more viewers and successfully boost your business.

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