Marketing 101: 3 Video Production Mistakes to Avoid

Video has become a popular medium in today’s marketing landscape. It’s a compact, engaging, and captivating format that’s present in all social channels. However, you should be wary about designing your video marketing campaigns since your investment can end up giving you reduced ROIs.

Designing videos for social media platforms

Social media platforms have made it easier for brands to showcase a wide variety of content without suffering the drawbacks of owning a site. Uploading video content on different social media platforms requires you to be vigilant in figuring out what content production mistakes you need to watch out for.

In this article, we will share three common video production mistakes that will be unprofitable for your marketing efforts:

1. Linking to hosted videos on other sites

You must remember to design your videos around the limitations of the platform. This means that you should create content with the platform’s native player in mind instead of linking to another video hosting website, which is where you should use the strength of the social media platform to your advantage.

Social networks make it easier for people to navigate through different viewing options, such as mobile viewing functionality. This feature expands your reach in being easier for customers to engage with one another. Native social videos have increased user engagement and archive more accurate data for your analysts to review.

2. Not putting video captions or subtitles

The development of social media platforms is related to how users prefer certain features and functions. Many platforms have created autoplay functions to make viewing content faster while also providing an auto-mute function to avoid making embarrassing encounters in public and official spaces. For marketers, this means that the video’s audio will be automatically on mute unless your viewers are engaged enough to unmute it.

Although this can be seen as a challenge for marketers, it just means that video content should be impactful even without sound. One way to overcome this obstacle is by adding captions to follow the video ad’s flow even when it’s muted. It allows hard of hearing individuals and international audiences to enjoy your content through multilingual subtitles embedded into your videos.

Adding captions also allow search engine bots to index your files in finding search results, giving you some much-needed SEO boost to your campaign. You can even use transcribing software to create subtitles easily so that you won’t have to include them manually.

3. Ignoring your analytics

One convenient benefit of using business accounts and pages in social media platforms is that moderator and publishing tools are accessible for business owners. This shows a post’s performance in terms of likes, shares, and even the classification of audience demographics from gender, age, and location.

Improving your content is an essential part of making a successful marketing campaign. To enhance your video marketing campaigns, you need to keep track of your video analytics so that you will understand what works and what doesn’t with your content.

On top of that, make it a priority to evaluate your data to see what type of video has received the highest amount of traction in terms of views, shares, and comments. Keep in mind that different social media platforms have various format limitations and restrictions.


It may be challenging to find the perfect formula for making the right video content for your brand. You may have to go through a few trial and errors by making diverse types of video content to gather sufficient data to see which is the most effective. Once you’ve found a format that you’re comfortable with, gradually polish your content to make it more appealing and engaging to your viewers.

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