6 Things to Remember When Making a Video Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that companies rely on various marketing strategies nowadays to spread the word about their business. This is made easier thanks to the availability of digital technology. There are many ways of doing this, but one of the most effective methods is video.

Video marketing is precisely what it sounds like: marketing with videos. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that the human brain is one of the most crucial advertising targets. Additionally, videos are more likely to keep audiences engaged because of the visual aspect and the need to focus on the content. However, you don’t just make a video and expect people to like it because you need to develop a strategy. If you’re unsure how to go through with this, we’re here to help.

This article lists down things that you should never forget when developing a video marketing strategy. Read on below to get started.

#1 – Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

Producing a video marketing strategy starts with the first step: identifying your target market. Before you launch your video marketing campaign, it is best to understand your intended audience. What is the demographic of your audience? Is it millennials, or are they primarily parents? Do they live in a particular area? What is their occupation? These questions will serve as the foundation of your video marketing campaign.

Additionally, you need to understand the competition. If there are already businesses in your niche, you should know who they are and what they offer. If possible, study their marketing strategies, then devise a different plan from their own.

#2 – Know Your Company’s Values

Next, you have to figure out the values of your company. This is important because it serves as the foundation of your video marketing strategy. You have to know what your company stands for to convey those values to your target audience efficiently. This way, they are more likely to relate to and appreciate your product.

#3 – Provide Substance

Video marketing is more effective than just a one-way sales pitch because of the visual element. If a video has a deep message, then it is more likely to keep people interested. This is the reason why storytelling is such a great video marketing strategy. If you can effectively tell a story about your product, people will be more likely to connect with it.

#4 – Inspire Your Audience

Aside from storytelling, it is also essential to consider the inspiration factor of your video marketing strategy. This can be done by using metaphors and other visuals to encourage people to take action. If a video can inspire, it does its job of convincing a person to purchase your product.

#5 – Give a Straightforward Message

Of course, your video marketing strategy has to have a straightforward message. Otherwise, it will fall short of its intended purpose. You want your campaign to drive clicks, leads, and sales. As mentioned earlier, videos are more effective than just a one-way sales pitch because of the visual element. However, you should also consider how you can make your video marketing strategy as direct as possible so that you can get the message across.

#6 – Consider Where to Post Your Video

You have to think about where to post your video. Different websites have different demographics, and you have to consider the people who frequent the sites where you plan to publish the video. If you target younger audiences, you can post the video on social media sites. If you target the more mature demographics, you can post the video on sites where they are more likely to visit.


You need to consider many things when developing a video marketing strategy. However, as long as you keep the aforementioned guidelines in mind, you will create a successful campaign. Always remember to take a step back to understand what your market wants so that you can deliver the kind of video they are looking for.

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