Logo Placements: Getting Your Video Content Right

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Accomplishing an engaging video can be difficult. Certain elements will come into play, which includes the narration, stunning visuals, and even the right music. You may get all these elements right, but something as simple as a misplaced logo can pour all your efforts down the drain. 

Logos are important. It’s a non-negotiable part of your branding, especially considering how the most successful companies around the world use their logos. Using your logo, especially when it comes to video content, must be met with extreme caution. As stated, misplaced logos can greatly affect your video’s quality, making it crucial to get things right.

To learn more about effectively using logos in your video content, this quick guide is for you:

Why Your Intro and Outro Matters

The digital world is a highly saturated market, especially since social media now dominates the landscape. Your intended audiences are bombarded with countless ads and content, making their attention spans shorter than ever. For this reason, you need to make sure that your first impressions make an impact. The first few seconds of your video is critical to capturing their attention, which is why it’s important to get it right. You’ll want to incorporate visually stunning elements, all of which should resonate not just with your brand, but your audience. Think: funny, powerful, or thought-provoking. 

Once you’ve successfully done that, you need to keep their attention. Make sure to slowly introduce your brand by incorporating your logo, which can be placed at the bottom corner of the video. You can also opt to include it at the end of the video, complete with a call to action. 

Getting the Placement Right

Location matters—and marketers all over the world understand this. Your ad’s performance depends heavily on the platform you’ve chosen. Your chosen SEO keyword also needs to be placed in the content accordingly. In this case, your logo needs to be placed in your video in the right place. It should be subtle yet noticeable, just enough to make their eyes wander without losing focus on your content.

That said, consider placing your logos at the lower right corner of your videos. You can also do the same with the upper corners, especially if you’re incorporating subtitles. Make sure that it remains a static element throughout the video, as this will remind your viewers exactly who you are. At the end of the content, make sure to come up with an equally powerful outro, one that will compel them to get to know you more—be it to like, comment, subscribe, or visit your website.

The Bottom Line

Logo placement can be rather tricky, but getting it right allows you to create positive and lasting impacts. It’s best to avoid placing logos at the beginning of your videos, as these first few seconds are crucial to capturing their attention. Rather than talking about your brand, make sure to invest in quality content that will make them stay long enough to know what you offer. In doing so, you successfully invite them to stay. 

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