How You Can Launch Your Startup With an Explainer Video

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The beginning is always the hardest part for most efforts—but when it comes to starting a business, it is even more challenging than one would think! 

When you think of startups, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs may come to mind. They built billion-dollar empires from the confines of their garages, a possibility no one would have predicted. Although these success stories inspire and invigorate your passion, this is sadly just a one-in-a-million occurrence. 

Beneath the foundation of these global businesses lie buried the millions of failed companies—great ideas with potential that were unable to become more because of unfortunate circumstances.

Beating the Failure Statistics

As a startup CEO, keep in mind that the odds will always be stacked against you. The stakes are high and the probability of success is low—but this doesn’t immediately equate to failure. No matter how small, you still have a chance of making it in the big leagues! Through the right strategies and tools, you can beat the odds and prove the statistics wrong.

Success Through Video

Invisibility is one of the main issues of startups. Getting over this hurdle is difficult—no one has heard of your company, and not many people stop to care. To get them to pay attention and rise above the competition, you have to use the right marketing strategies that are memorable, engaging and informative. 

Explainer videos are perfect for introducing your company to your target audience. These videos distil a complicated topic into a few minutes so that the public can better understand them! As compared to simple pictures, posters, or infographics, these types of videos can leave an imprint on your audience’s minds in a shorter amount of time. 

The Benefits of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have so much potential in helping your startup take off! Investing in this type of video is sure to put your business at a great advantage. When done right, explainer videos can:

Get Your Message Across

Explainer videos can share important messages to your customers more efficiently and much more effectively! As an extension of your sales team, they can easily give a perfect sales pitch every time—so you won’t have to worry about any inconsistencies in delivery.

Improve Your Startup’s Visibility

Adding a video to your website and other digital channels where your target audience helps boost your presence online. Explainer videos also improve the average time spent on your site and the bounce rate, so you have a much higher chance of appearing in your users’ search results!

Increase Conversion Rate

Your website visitors will be more likely to buy your product or service if they watch an explainer video about them first. Including a video on your homepage can influence potential consumers to take the desired action you want them to take, which drives more sales in the long run.

Show Your Brand Personality

An explainer video can help your brand “voice” shine. From visual styles to your script’s tone, this type of video will represent your company’s personality. It will also contribute to establishing your startup’s image and the public’s impression of you.


Nine out of ten startups fail—but as long as you have the right game plan, you can be that “one” successful business! Collaborate with a video production agency in Manchester to help you create an explainer video that will help your business get found, establish a connection between consumers, grow your brand, and gain success!

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