Strategies To Increase Conversion Rates Through Videos

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When it comes to digital marketing, strategy is complete without video. Not only is it such a valuable and essential type of content to promote your brand, but it’s also the most popular type of content available out there. You don’t even have to do much research to know how heavily the world relies on every form of video for entertainment, info, and more. 

Every platform online has already integrated some type of video into its apps and websites. Video content is king, and if you want your marketing strategy to succeed, you should pay special attention to how your videos turn out. All marketers are aware of the power of video, but it’s figuring out how to use it to your advantage that is a challenge.

All that said, here’s everything you need to know about using video to improve conversion rates!

Optimise Video Placement

Just like how your brand needs visibility to succeed, so do your videos. Placement is everything when it comes to ads. You have to be sure it’s where the audience will be. The goal should be to be seen by as many people as possible. One of the first places that your videos will be put up is on your socials. 

It’s essential to stay connected and consistent when you’re trying to reach new people. Make sure that your video is present and visible across all your channels. Channels should include your website, landing page, YouTube, and more. Cover all your bases, and don’t rely on just one place to get people’s attention.

Make it Short and Sweet

When you’re trying to capture a new audience’s interest and eventually convert that interest into a sale, you have to make your content easy to consume. Potential customers are so rarely ever willing or eager to just watch anything in full. People’s attention span has gotten even shorter and shorter over the years.

To ensure that your video is not only visible and effective, you have to make your videos short and sweet. No matter how popular this type of content is, people are less receptive and willing to interact with ads. They already know what it’s for. 

Your “conversion videos” should be short, sweet, and to the point. Give them all the information they might need about the product or service. But focus on the messaging and communicating why the product or service will be good for them.

Add Clickable Links

Make it easier for audiences and potential customers to interact with your brand and visit the relevant pages on your website, add clickable links. You can even embed a link onto the video itself. This should enhance their experience and put your company in a positive light.

Another thing you can do to contribute to video conversion optimisation is to add a lead capture form. There are plenty of ways to insert a lead capture form at any point in your video. Viewers have been more willing to complete simple forms when it means having access to good content. 

The Bottom Line

If you can implement a well-structured video marketing strategy, you will be able to spread awareness, drive traffic, increase engagement, and, most importantly, improve conversion rate. The goal of most, if not all, marketing material is to contribute to sales. Every medium is expected to have some sort of return of investment (ROI). 

When done correctly, video can help you do everything you set out to do and more. Before you can rely on video to introduce your brand and convince audiences to buy your products, services, and so on, you have to make sure you have a good plan. A well-made video is a waste if you can’t use it to your advantage. 

Your brand will definitely benefit from hiring a professional video production company to assist you in levelling up and growing your business. Video Ink is a video production agency based in Manchester excited to bring you high quality and stand-out videos. Enquire with us today to start working together. 

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