7 Ways to Improve Video Marketing Strategies for Facebook


Around 60 per cent of organisations utilise video as a marketing strategy. The majority of online traffic consists of multimedia material rather than all-text information. This is because videos are easily digestible for today’s on-the-go market.

This is why businesses are implementing many video marketing methods. Coincidentally, Facebook is a perfect platform to launch video marketing strategies.

Video marketing is an excellent approach to connect with your ideal consumers and form stronger relationships with them. Videos have the unique capacity to increase your marketing tactics and differentiate you from the competition. They can generate more leads and interact with more consumers.

Here are some tips for the types of videos you can use in your ads and how to maximise them successfully for video marketing on Facebook: 

1. Select the Best Type of Video Content

The first thing to grasp is that not all videos must be of a single genre. Several video categories may be used on Facebook to get excellent outcomes. Here are a few examples.

  • Storytelling: Videos help humanise your brand. Before promoting your goods or service, you must convince people to follow your brand. You may create behind-the-scene videos about your company’s history and the people behind it to better connect with your audience. Storytelling improves the relatability and impact of your content. 
  • Product Showcase: You can be creative with showcasing your products and services, as long as it is compelling enough to attract your audiences. 
  • Tutorial: A tutorial video can help audiences grasp what your product and service are about because they see it in action. Video is the best way to demonstrate its value to your audiences, which could increase conversion for your brand. 

2. Optimise Video Thumbnails

The power of a video thumbnail cannot be overstated. A video thumbnail can attract more clicks. Produce high-quality videos with a compelling thumbnail. Even a thumbnail may communicate information and pique interest in your video.

3. Take Advantage of Video Branding Opportunities

Branding consistency is crucial, especially for videos. In a few frames, you can convey a lot about your brand. To avoid brand confusion, ensure your branding is optimised and consistent to build brand familiarity and authority.

4. Engage Mobile Audiences with Mobile-Friendly Formats

Worldwide, about 67 per cent of internet users are now mobile. Don’t discount your mobile audience, or you’ll miss out on a large percentage of your target market.

Make videos in both portrait and landscape orientations, to accommodate dynamic mobile viewing. Doing so will greatly increase your engagement with mobile consumers.

5. Create Compelling Intros

You need to ensure that the first 4 to 6 seconds of your video are compelling enough for audiences to keep on watching, or you will lose them. Facebook allows you endless scrolling and other activities. Your goal is that audiences stop at your video and keep watching. 

In addition, only 15 per cent of Facebook users watch videos with the sound on. Most people view videos without sound. Thus subtitles are required to comprehend what your video is about and click the rest of your content. 

6. Include a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Without a strong CTA, no marketing strategy will be successful. Include your CTA in both the text around your video and the video itself as much as possible. You may do this by having someone say it in the video or placing text on the screen. Also, include it in the video’s alt tag or alt text.

7. Get the Right Video Length

Facebook enables videos to be as short as one second or as lengthy as 240 minutes. That’s a wide range. So make a video as long as necessary to convey your message while remaining as concise as feasible.


Video marketing is a must because the text alone cannot match a video’s compelling nature. Video is vital in digital media because it enables more meaningful human contact with consumers and business clients. If you want to raise your company’s competitive stakes, maximise and monetise high-quality video content today through effective video marketing strategies!

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