5 Ways to Improve Your Business’ Online Content with IGTV


If your firm hasn’t been using IGTV, you’re losing out on a fantastic opportunity to improve brand recognition, get new followers, and expand your business. It is an excellent venue for your video content. You may upload videos up to an hour long to IGTV, which can be utilised to enlighten, fascinate, and convert viewers into dedicated followers and brand supporters.

With 43 per cent of customers looking for more video content from companies, here are some innovative ways to leverage IGTV for your company.

Show Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Take visitors on a tour of your business and make them feel like they are standing right next to you. If you have a production firm working for you, review their work and make suggestions to improve the visual appeal of your films. You may demonstrate how you produce your delectable cakes, cookies, and pastries if you operate a bakery. You may also use this to introduce the people that keep your company running well. Simply ensure that your video is enjoyable, engaging, and memorable.

Create Product Tutorials

Many firms utilise IGTV to combine instructional material like webinars, how-tos, and tutorial videos with their products. Using educational films to promote your products is always a brilliant idea. This will work for any type of business, whether you sell skincare items, kitchenware, furniture, clothing, phone accessories, or anything else. 

For example, if you’re in the cosmetics industry, you can invite influencers or beauty experts to provide advice or makeup demonstrations utilising your newest product line.

Host a Webinar

When you post a webinar to IGTV, you can provide a more in-depth explanation of your business or industry, similar to product tutorials. Consider what you can educate your clients in within ten minutes. If you give it some consideration, you might be amazed at how much you can come up with. 

Creating videos for educational purposes can help you establish credibility in your industry. You may also create a resource library using that information and the footage from your video series.

Repurpose Old Videos

You made a video, photo, or post that became viral, resulting in new followers or likes. You want to use that content again because it has great value. Reposting is a viable technique for giving old content a fresh lease of life. Because a post on Instagram is only relevant for around twenty-four hours, IGTV is ideal for reposting it in a new format. You’re reposting the same image, and if it’s a video, you may use other tags to attract a larger audience. You may also cut down your YouTube or Facebook videos to account for your audience’s attention span.

Create a Mini Online Series

You can offer your viewers something to look forward to if you post serial videos regularly. This might be a weekly blog or a chat show with a rotating cast of characters. This setup can generate a lot of interest in your brand if you make it an ongoing series. When your material reaches a new audience, and they like what they see, they will be more inclined to view earlier content.


IGTV blends the power of YouTube and Instagram into a single platform, giving companies new ways to expand their audience and promote themselves. IGTV provides businesses with additional ways to improve their Instagram marketing approach.

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