4 KPIs to Measure the Success of Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Successful video marketing campaigns are an excellent thing to have in a marketer’s portfolio. Still, it is also a great way to discover high-quality leads that one can work with throughout their journey in the sales funnel. However, there’s one challenge: how do you know if your video marketing campaign is successful? Well, the answer isn’t as clear as you might think. Some people may say that as long as someone buys something, that’s a success. Sure, some people may measure it that way, but not every marketer out there is working hard to get someone to buy something. Goals can come in all shapes and forms, and it is through KPIs (key performance indicators) that one can fully understand if a video marketing campaign is indeed effective and successful!

So, with that being said, let’s talk about the different KPIs you can measure to know if your video marketing campaign is successful:

1. Play Rate

This is a very basic metric to measure but one of the most successful KPIs a video marketing campaign can have. A low play rate can signal a number of things, but you should know that it spells trouble if you don’t turn it around. If people aren’t watching your videos, they’re not going to be engaged with your brand, and people who aren’t engaged with your brand might not be willing to buy your product!

2. View Count

While play rate can be a great KPI, another one is views. If someone is going to watch a video, it’s better to know if they’re going to watch the whole video. Ideally, you want your videos to get as much exposure as possible, so not only are these views important, but the goal is to make sure that they’re increasing in number! And, of course, the more views you get, the more people are watching your videos, giving you more opportunities to capture high-quality leads.

3. Click-through Rate

We’ve all seen those videos on YouTube that have one million views but only have a handful of likes or dislikes. It’s time you started measuring your video content’s engagement rate! You can easily use this KPI to find out if people are engaging with your video content and, to some extent, they’re taking action based on something they’ve seen. If someone is watching a video and clicking on something related (e.g., a link), it can be a good indicator that they’re interested in your video marketing campaign and what you’re trying to convey to them!

4. Number of Shares

If people are watching your videos and engaging with your videos, then it’s safe to say that you’re doing a great job! But, how can you tell how good of a job you’re doing? By measuring the number of shares, you’re getting on each video! These shares could come from your own social media accounts, or it could be something like YouTube’s “share” button. Either way, the more shares you get, the bigger the reach of your videos! It also shows that people like your video enough to share it.


As you can see, there are many KPIs to measure if your video marketing campaign is successful. You may have other KPIs that aren’t on this list, and that’s perfectly okay! The key is to find the KPIs that matter to you and your brand, then find a way to measure them through your videos while also testing other metrics that can help you better understand if your video content is effective at reaching your audience and generating leads.

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