How to Use Videos to Improve Your Presence on Social Media

The age of social media has brought about a change in our world today. Decreasing people’s attention spans, increasing the need for connection, and turning everyone into visual learners at one point. This also means using video to promote yourself online has become an effective strategy to gain viewers, followers, and even bring you potential profit.

Providing dynamic content captivates your viewers to continue keeping track of what you’re doing. So when it comes to running a business, considering the use of social media to promote your products and services is a great opportunity to reach more people. And if you don’t know the first thing about making videos, you can rely on professional video production companies to do the job for you.

If you wanna know the reason why video is such a powerful tool for promotion, we’ve come up with a few tips to boost your social media presence with the use of marketing videos.

Adjust Your Content According to the Preference of Your Consumers

Since most people are always on their mobile phones and tablets more than they’re situated on desktops, consider their state when it comes to creating content. Most social media platforms have already provided mobile-friendly interfaces to tend to the needs of these consumers. So it’s best to take advantage and use it to power your videos even more. 

Focus on Maintaining the Interest of Your Viewers

Starting your video with a bang is great, but maintaining your viewers from losing interest in your content could be a struggle. That’s why you shouldn’t stick to just making an unforgettable introduction alone. Instead, think of ways to capture the attention of your audience. It doesn’t have to rely on the length of your video. Short ads are usually more appealing because of the attention span people have today.

So the best way to keep people focused on your video is by providing informative and engaging material that will either be relatable to them or understandable enough for them to care. Videos with depth are better over long-form videos with dull content.

Let Your Videos Bring Out the Best in You

Part of making videos for work is allowing yourself the freedom to bring out the creativity in you and pouring it all over your projects. That’s why you shouldn’t just put all your efforts on shooting, producing, and editing videos for the sake of work alone.

Great content is one that makes room for connection and for people to experience feelings while watching your videos. Storytelling is the key to creating powerful visual outputs that will prove what you’re capable of doing.

Besides, if your viewers don’t get what you’re trying to convey after watching your video, then it might not be enough to successfully sell your product or service. Providing content that people can resonate with is important to gain the viewer’s attention.

Consider Including Subtitles to Accommodate Other Viewers

Despite having great video content, some people prefer watching ads on mute to lessen the noise they deal with daily. This is why adding subtitles to your videos could provide more impact and serve a better purpose. Especially when you want to expand your audience and reach potential customers from across the globe. 


As social media continues to grow and expand over time, so should you need to keep up with the trends, especially if you don’t want to be left behind. There will be things that will work for you but not for others, all you have to do is make an effort to figure that out and hold on to it once you do.

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