How to Grow Your Business through Long-Term Video Marketing

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Videos are the most widely consumed and popular type of content on the internet. No marketing tool works better than a good video. It demands the least amount of effort from the audience while giving them stimulation, entertainment, and engagement. 

Most businesses today know what the value of a good video is to their brand. And with the emergence of new video platforms, inexpensive cameras, and self-made content creators, video marketing is fast becoming one of the most reliable and easiest ways to grow your business.

So, how do you do it? Here are some essential steps.

1. Create a Plan for Everything.

Before you can even think about shooting, you need a goal. Whether you’re solving a problem or creating buzz, your goal will be the anchor for all your videos moving forward. So first off, focus on what you want to do—increase brand awareness, introduce a new product or service, invite people to an event—whatever it is, that is what will be the foundation of your videos.

Videos should serve a purpose, the objective will always be to create either something fun, informative, exciting or a mix of all three and more. Videos are all about enticing the audience and giving them a taste of experiencing your brand. Awareness videos don’t need to provide the audience with everything; instead, it has to pique their curiosity and let them know what your brand has to offer. 

Persuasion videos aim to attract viewers to dive deeper into your brand and convince them to become more than just a viewer, but a customer. These videos should provide more value than the awareness videos. As for sales videos, these must provide customers with a mood boost, something that can enhance their experience with your brand at the buying stage.

2. Identify a Target Audience.

Certain brands always hope to target a large audience. Other brands know the limitations based on their product or service. Whichever the case, having a large target audience is not a good thing. While your videos can and will hopefully be enjoyed by people other than your target audience, it doesn’t make for effective or productive planning. It’s hard to create content for the general public because you are left trying to consider and please everyone.

What you can do is identity your primary audience and then your secondary audience. Your primary audience will have a much smaller and more specific demographic. These are the people you know for sure will be interested in your brand or are already patrons of your brand. The secondary audience can be a much broader demographic with fewer specifications. These are the people you are hoping to catch in your net along with the primary audience. 

3. Decide What Type of Video to Create and Give it a Story.

The story is the most important part of the video, it’s what people are drawn to. Stories don’t necessarily have to be narrative or linear, when it comes to video, you can tell different stories in so many ways. So long as you have a message in mind, you will be able to find the right story to tell.

But before that, you need to decide what exactly the video will be. There are many types of videos—commercials, digital, long-form, testimonials, animation. the possibilities are endless. You can even combine different types to create something totally unique. Each type of video will accomplish your goals if you tell the right story and get your message across to your audience. 


Video marketing is a powerful tool to grow your brand. Social media and algorithms favour videos above all content, so it’s perfectly reasonable to pour a lot of energy and effort into this. Videos are an excellent way to connect with customers because you can show off your greatest qualities to attract them and intimate stories they can relate to. Videos are a great way to humanize or build your brand.

Despite how easy it is to make videos, it still takes a lot of work. Your brand will definitely benefit from hiring a professional video production company to assist you in levelling up and growing your business. Video Ink is a video production agency based in Manchester excited to bring you high quality and stand-out videos. Enquire with us today to start working together. 

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